Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trying Something New.

Hello everyone! So, I have been really trying to think of other ways to reach more readers and get a bigger audience with the blog. I know that there's still so much more I can do with my blog, maybe someday I will be posting vids as well (hmmm....) and sometime soon I will definitely be adding more pairings and with the Janelle's Work Diary fb page (please add me, where I post my Want(s) of the Week and other shopping ideas I do have, I am certainly hoping I'm able to help some of you stylistas out there.

I have decided to venture out and start posting looks in For those who are unfamiliar, this site is for fashion bloggers or fashion fans or anything fashion. So many members have a blog of their own but would posts looks here to reach other bloggers and maybe get their comments or input on their looks. The site has a "hype" button, which is the "like"  button in facebook and the more hypes you get the more publicity your look will get. Hypes will get you on their Top list or in their Hot list. For a new comer like me, I would really like for my looks to be more visible to the other bloggers and to the visitors of this site because that could lead to my goal of having a greater audience. So please support my coming looks and don't forget to press the "hype" button that will be in the bottom of each posting.
Please visit the site constantly, it is really a great site to go to if you're looking for a fashionspiration! This site is also for men, so don't be shy boys and post your looks in there too! (to hype my look, when you get to the site, please press "h")

To those who have posted and shared my blog in their fb pages, thank you guys so much and for all my friends out there who has yet to do so, please share my blogsite and promote it!

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