Friday, September 9, 2011

Mommy and Baby.

I have been dying to have a shoot with my dogs since I started this blog, unfortunately the pictures I have for this posting is only with one of my babies, my only daughter (haha) Juicy:D Isn't she pretty!? Oh i love her! She's smart, playful and friendly, just total fun to hang around with. She too is her own fashionista, she's wearing a pink and purple leopard print tank dress...she takes after me! I will make sure that on my next posting with the doggies I'll inclue my two other baby boys, Jigger and Jiphee, you will love them as much as you love Juicy:D

We loved our stroll that day and I certainly love the easiness and how feminine this look is. My skirt is one of my newest thrift find, $4, you can't go wrong with that! It hits me at such an odd length but I think that adds to the vintage feel of this skirt and adding those vintage inspired heels just made this look. They are my barney shoes that I've had for about 5years now but I love them and they just look so sophisticated.

Happy Friday everyone!
Janelle and Juicy

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