Friday, July 29, 2011

White and Ripped.

If there is a frequent shopper card at Target I definitely deserve one because it is a must that every week, at least once that I stop by there to grab a few things--dog items, home needs, etc. One particular occasion however, I came in to buy dog food and I got more than planned.
I found this particular white ripped shorts that as I tried on I knew I was in love with it and just to prove that upon checking out I immediately changed in the bathroom to wear it. Who does that?!
Anywho, I prepared three fun pairings for this item although the possibilities of it is endless.

Look #1:
This is such a dress up look and given the chance I would totally put my hair up in a messy bun and some gold hoops and I'm ready for some fancy dinner out in the city. I am wearing a $2 thrifted leopard top that I wore here as a cardigan; matched this with an old corset-type black top with my Steve Madden (from Ross) cutout heels. My clutch is thrifted as well for $3.Just to give it a pop of color, wore a red belt!

Look #2:
This look I would wear more for day, or a simple dinner out or even a movie date. This is an embellished H&M top that I love so much because it is loose, and I am very much into that at this time. Tell me you don't love the 20's feel of the shoulder detail!?
Decided to put this together with Tory Reva flats and a chunky bracelet and watch.

Look #3:
This is our ultra-casual, comfy look. If you remember from my last posting, this is the stripe cut-out top that is also loose. I went for contrast here, matching this top and shorts with red accessories (shoes and necklace) and I would half-tuck this top to show off my brown skinny belt, and to top it, a vintage thrifted Liz Claiborne ($3) body bag.

Striped and Tucked.

Pants on a hot day? Not a bad idea! I had a vague idea on what the weather is for the day, which is so typical me because I dress by mood and never by weather and I usually end up wearing the outfit. This number is not as big of an error as I thought though because although I'm all covered up, both top and bottom are soft and thin cotton and air is more able to pass through my clothing.
That's another great Tip!
Tip: If you are in a mood to be covered up on a hot summer day, go for items that are light in fabric, light in color. It makes a whole lot of difference wearing a tan or cream to black. I think mainly when you see yourself in cooler tones, your sight brings the same idea to your brain, that you are cooler and lighter!
Cutouts are also big lately, I've seen denim button-downs that have the same shoulder cutouts (urban outfitters) and they are all so adorable. I love how these cutouts give you an instant broad and skinny shoulders which frames your body very well. I suggest you try it out but I also suggest that you stir away from any embelishments on the shoulder such as belt types or rhine stones that could sometimes look tacky instead of stylish.
Accessorizing was fun for me as well on this outfit. I went for more vintage looking pieces and that's me proving that I am never for just one style and likes to mix and match everything. All accessories are from F21. I am specially loving my Cross pendant from the colors of the ruby and jade to the total look of it. Interestingly, I purchased this item for my Madonna costume for halloween!
Blog will be updated soon, I will be posting more items and will be talking more details and outfit ideas for some items! :D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Modern Day Teacher"

Title is a little boggling I know, but the title of this post actually came from one of my co-workers who had a peculiar take on my outift. As I walked in the door, first thing that she said "oh you look like a modern day teacher!" I find it so amusing that my every outfit tells a different story and feels like I play a different role.

This particular outfit, if you have read my previous post you will see that my top and skirt are two of my thrift finds. With the exemption of the shoes and the belt as they are both already in my closet, this outfit cost me $8!

I love this outfit, truly I do. Not only do I love it for the price but I feel that the look is so sophisticated and very modest if I may add. The colors are so cool to the eyes which makes it a perfect summer work outfit.

 Belt is an old belt I got about a year ago from forever 21 for like $7; and my shoes, I wish were Louboutins but since I am unable to afford it, when I saw this on my collection from, I just went for it!

Happy reading everyone!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Spread Your Wings.

Hello guys! I cannot even begin to say how fond I am of this dress. I feel it looked very young but I appreciate the small details this dress has and most of all, it cost me $6! It is amazing how a shape of a dress can make your look totally updated and crisp and sophisticated. The print on this dress, I thought was a great balance in making this dress more fun.

So I mentioned "details" and this dress has them for sure! let's start with the zipper in the front, makes this look very current. I am loving the pockets on this dress as well. Also, I added the belt just to give it a prominent waist definition but even without the belt, this dress already has the empire waist cut.
Best detail however is in the back...take a look!

Let's do the Thrift.

 This past weekend I had the strongest urge to shop and since I am in such a tight budget I went to the thrift store. My first time in a thrift store was with my mom and we both went there looking for some used pillow cases and comforters we use as beds for our 3 adorable dogs. I didn't even take a glance at any of the clothes or bags that were there and thought to myself that it's just not possible for me to get something nearly decent in racks full of old, used clothes. Well...I take that back, big time! A friend of mine and after reading through different blogs made me reached to a decision to venture those racks. 
See the key in thrift store shopping is "patience." You actually have to go through each piece of clothing, and let me tell you that it's not easy because they are arranged by colors and by length of sleeves or length of the pant or skirt, but you have to go through that to actually find one that stands out. I've found great things in the thrift store, from accessories to bags to pants to blazers, etc. It's also a great place to go to get vintage items.

I have to say that I am more of a mixture of different styles, I have always thought of myself as a moody dresser. I'll mix a vintage looking skirt or top or blazer with something more current, or something rock/punk to something more elegant and feminine.

Here are some of my recent thrift finds.

This Banana Republic skirt was $10, and that's a little on the high side but I thought of getting it anyway because it is in such a good condition and almost looked new. This skirt also has the tiny polka dot print and it came with the band stitched on it.
Tip: Make sure you check the insides of any clothing, check for stains, tears or loose threads.

Item #2, is another skirt that I already made a posting for. Great looking skirt, you wouldn't guess just by looking at this that it's only $5 because of the feel of the cloth, its silky and smooth and did not at all look like it has been worn but checking on the tag it looked like it's very old.
Item #3 is another skirt, $3! I was there for 30minutes and I pretty much stayed in the skirt racks obviously. This is probably my second favorite find. Again, for work, I really am to pleating. I just love how it hides certain areas of the body that you really wouldn't want showing; I love the classic look it gives; I love the elegance . It's a beige/cream color and I am already planning a cold weather outfit from this skirt because the fabric is very thick almost like wool.
Item #4, is a $2 top which looks big, I know and it is a size 10 petite but that's another tip in thrifting, sizes are not always as big or as small as the item would say. Go by approximate as far as sizing. This top also came with pads attached to it, some people like to keep it but others don't and I, cut the pads off very easily, no fuss!
Tip: Be a creative thinker when it comes to looking at certain items. Remember that if tops are big, you can always tuck it in because that's in style right now anyway.
You have to be prepared to dry clean things, you can do an in house dry cleaning if you have the Dryel, you can purchase this at target or walmart and saves you the trip to the cleaners.
Again, have a keen eye! Look at every stain, every tear and every hem. Even if you're paying $2 or $3 for your item, you still want it to be wearable.
I hope you guys enjoy your next thrift adventure!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hey Guys! Blogging now has been so difficult as my Main Man, brother is also busy with his own business and taking pictures and editing them are taking longer than usual, so please do forgive me for the delay in positing.

This entry is showcasing my love for pleats and my love for thrift store shopping. This weekend, I decided to go to the thrift store to satisfy my craving for shopping and my craving for another shopping and styling challenge. I have to say that I didn't do as good as usual probably because I came in 2hours before closing and all good sales and items are almost gone.
Note: I will be doing an entry on all my thrift finds and the rest of my shopping expeditions this past weekend!

I got lucky with this skirt, however. I was on my way out when I saw one of the sales person putting this skirt back on the rack. It caught my eye right away and I grabbed like a crazy person thinking someone else will take it (haha). There are some really good modern pleated skirts at American Apparel that I have been dying to buy but it will cost me $$$ so I have been contemplating whether to get it or not but since I found this gem, I think I will be holding off on that expense. Yey!

I just love the sophisticated look of this skirt. If you actually get to feel this skirt, its smooth and silky and for $5, you just cannot go wrong with it. I have several outfit ideas for this already and you will most likely see it in future postings but for this particular hot summer day at work I opted to wear it simply with a black round-neck tee added my fave thin brown belt and sandals. If I was not going to work however, I would've probably paired this with a colored tank, add some more accessories and make this old vintage skirt into something totally up-to-date.

I am already looking forward to my next post so that I can go thru some of my recent finds! Til next time!
Top: Forever 21 Tee ($5)
Shoes: Shoedazzle ($40)
Skirt: Thrifted ($5)
Look's Total Cost: $50

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bright, The Light and The Leather.

More than the clothes, I was more excited with the Shoes! It is the newest in my shoe collection delivered just today! It is a product. For those who are curious, there are quite a handful of shoe membership sites available now, which if I may say has both pros and cons to it. It's, to sum it up, a monthly supply of shoes. You pay a membership fee (I pay $40) and get a show room of shoes that best matched your answers on a style survey they do at the beginning of your membership, you choose from that and they deliver. I like it because of how convenient it is. I am, like so many, a major shoe lover and would like to get a pair or two at a month (sometimes more) but sometimes do not find the time to look around the mall or maybe I just cannot find a pair that I like or can afford at a store and online shopping just solves that problem for me... 

However, I am a big bargain finder and this does not give you any option of doing just that. Another thing is I am not a huge fan of online shopping, which I think makes me 5 out of a million. I enjoy going store to store, trying on things and going home with shopping bags and when I've paid for my item I would like to have it at hand.
I am wearing F21 dress I got for a baptism but later realized that this cute, feminine cream dress could be so much more. It wouldn't be fair to just keep it for an occasion and I have since then, worn this dress at least 5 or 6 different ways.
With the look above I paired it with my thrift-find Donna Karan blazer and a simple long gold necklace.

                                   Also wore this dress with a black vest and Steve Madden heels I got for a steal! On sale at Ross for $15! Necklace is from F21 as well and I love it, my mom loves it too as she borrows this necklace from me all the time. That broach detail in the middle gives it a vintage look.
Outfit 1:
Dress: $24.98 (F21)
Shoes: $40 (shoedazzle)
Blazer: $5 (Thrifted)
This look's total: $70.00
Outfit 2:
Shoes: $15 (Steve Madden)
Necklace: $9
Vest: $22
Look's total: $86

Going tribal.

My casual day came early and I decided to wear this on a Thursday. I did because I was just so excited to wear this top! I love the appeal, shape and print of it, if you look at it close enough you will see that there's an inferred print of a skull in there...I thought rock when I saw it, others did not however.

Hence the title of this post is going tribal because a lot more people thought that this top has more of an ethnic look to it. I guess the necklace also gave that feel. Focusing more on the necklace, I cannot believe how many compliments I get on this necklace every time I wear it. It is such a statement piece. So shout out to my sister who's going home to the Philippines soon...please do get me a couple more of this! ;)
It is quite odd that my blog is called the work diary but this is the first picture I have inside the office. Quick info, that's my desk with my favorite 7/11 coffee (haha) and my Longchamp bag that I used as my beach bag turned work bag, don't you just love the pliability!?
Bottoms are Jeggings! I went through a jegging phase just like everybody else but this one is my favorite and pretty much the only one I'm still wearing. It has real pockets in the back, which I think makes it seem more like an actual pair of Jeans, the only difference is it's stretchy and comfortable and I dont have to worry about it being too tight if I eat too much!
Top: Material Girl (Macy's Junior's Dept, $22)
Bottoms: Mossimo (Target, on sale for $10)
Shoes: Ross ($12)
Necklace: Free!
This look's total: $44

Sprinkled Love.

Awww...Love! This is probably one of my favorite shirts. It is just so adorable and i feel the love wearing it haha...cheesy! But I got this top at Macy's, during 4th of July and they had a sale in the Junior's Dept. under the Material Girl brand, buy one get 1 50% off so of course I did not let that pass and this top ended up costing me $11. I think that Material Girl in Macy's is worth checking out actually, my bottoms are from there as well and one of my Harem that I've worn in one of my older posts.

I chose to tuck this top with a black Harem, this Harem is more of a work trouser though. This top looks really great in a boyfriend jean as well with a belt and casual heels. This can also be worn with denim shorts...
 I got the "Princess Kate" ring from my grandmom. She's too cute really, she bought it and said this might look better on me and I just grabbed it right then and there haha. Thanks Ma!
Shoes: Nine West (on sale at Macy's)
Watch: Michael Kors
Ring and Necklace: F21

Family Summer Fun!

I know it's been a while since I last blogged (So sorry guys!). Work has been hectic and has exhausted me this past couple of weeks. This family vacation just came in at such a perfect time! I am so truly blessed to be in such a close knit family and am so proud to say that I have lots of fun when I'm with them. This year we have decided to go to Ocean City, Maryland (OCMD) and we had a blast!
An essential for a beach trip? Sunnies of course! I just love my Ray Ban Aviators, they are pretty much the only sunglasses I'd like to bring to the beach. It is so convenient, not heavy at all, it can bend and I don't mind it getting wet, but really, I just think it's so cool and would go with any suit I'm wearing.
Cell phone: Well I had to just to carry this because unfortunately, I was still on-call during the vaca
Drink: Raspberry Margarita...soo delish and refreshing!

Ok so, I am not the most modest dresser going to beach, but I feel that comfort can come in so many ways other than a dress. For this trip, I decided to wear a sheer floral top. I am actually wearing a bikini top (that I didn't wear at the beach haha) under this top. I paired this with denim shorts and my most comfy wedge. This is great specially if you have stops during the trip, whether you decide to do some outlet shopping or lunching out at Hardees?! ;)
Beach Bag: Orange Longchamp
Top: F21
Denim Shorts: Walmart (bargain!)

Now the real fun begins! Planning for this trip was not a big one for me, my sisters did most of it and the only planning I had to do is fining a good cover up. I think that your look in the beach now actually matters unlike before shirt and shorts are all you need. Cover ups are everywhere (urban outfitters have some good ones) but I found this one at where else?! Forever 21. I don't really think this is a cover-up but when I saw it, I thought it would just be perfect. It is thin enough to show my suit inside and long enough to be a dress type as well, cutest detail on this dress thought are the cutouts at the sleeves (unfortunately, it didn't get showcased in this picture).
Tip: Accessorizing at the Beach- there's nothing wrong in wearing some accessories at the beach. To keep your look more interesting and beach appropriate, I would suggest wooden bangles and even wooden or shell necklaces. With these, you wouldn't mind it getting wet and just in case it gets lost in the water haha.
Earrings is a big challenge for me, I would just always go for something that's light weight, play around with colors, I went for a turquoise color on my trip, I just think it stands out and always make sure the earrings you do wear has a lock so that it won't just fly off of your ear when you're running or swimming.
Let's talk bathing suits. There are so many different ones out there now, I chose to go with a monokini as I am not the most fit person in the world hehe, but I like that it hides the "pouch" that I love covering up so much but it show's off the good curves of your body. I feel that it gives the illusion of the hour-glass shape we all want. I went bold this time with an animal print, Leopard! I also included a picture of a dear friend and brother's girlfriend, Heather. She is on a bandeau top and a plain black bottom. The great thing about going for plain(s) is that you can mix and match it. That's another bargain tip! If you want to have several looks in the beach without spending so much, choose a plain bottom and just buy the tops!
Thanks for reading guys!