Friday, December 30, 2011

Thrift Store Haul.

I am so excited to share to you guys this video blog! My cousins and I went to the thrift store for ah....for 30minutes and in that 30minutes time I was able to get these amazing finds! Happy New Year everyone! I'll see you guys next year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dressed Sweater.

Hi everyone! Happy Holidays! Tired of Christmas Shopping yet? I am! I keep in mind, however, that the Holiday season is the season of giving and the season to practice your bargain hunting skills. This posting is my last before Christmas and contrary to the festive colors around this holiday, my outfit stuck to simply black and gray.

This might be my most comfortable and effortless dressed-up outfit. It is truly a staple to have the famous "LBD" in your closet. Infact, I believe that every woman should have at least two or three of these LBDs in their closet. It is such a great canvas piece. I say canvas because the simplicity of it, the easiness and the fact that it is a neutral gives you a blank slate. There so many ways you can dress them up or down.
Let's proceed to the three types of LBDs I think a woman should have.
LBD #1: Casual Cotton Black Dress-that is illustrated in this posting. A cotton LBD is something that you can wear as a layering piece during the colder seasons or something you can wear in a casual party, on a shopping trip with your flats or flipflops, on a lunch date with a cross-body bag and leather jacket and a good pair of boots see, LBDs are not strictly for evening anymore. The stretch of the cotton, the casual fabric and a simple fit is great for an occassion where you don't want to have as much constrictions.
LBD #2: Sexy Evening Black Dress- this is you LBD to impress! Something fitted to the body, a dress that will make you look so mysteriously sexy that you just cannot go wrong with it. This could be your go-to dress, the dress you wear on a date, the dress you wear on a night out.
LBD #3: The Classic-yes, every woman MUST have a classic, clean line black dress. This is the LBD you wear under a blazer for a meeting at the office, the LBD you wear on a company party, the LBD you wear on a dinner night with your boyfriend's family, the dress you wear with black pumps and pearls for that Jackie O look.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope you all have a great holiday and once again, thank you so much for reading!

Cardigan: Romeo & Juliet Couture
LBD (#1): H&M
Black Pumps: Mossimo (Target)
Belt: Forever21

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Soft, Rough, Edge, Tough.

Hello everyone! Oh, we had fun with this shoot...I had fun with the entire outfit. Is it so conceited of me if I actually enjoy and take it to heart everyone's compliments?! I really hope not because I super do!

 It's really great to like what you're wearing for the day, you come out of the house smiling and even when your hair is not perfectly combed, you don't think about it so much because you think you can just "wing it!" My play in textures today did just that to me. Brightened up my day and made me care less about the bad hairday I'm having (haha). What made this day even brighter is the amount of good, pleasant comments I got from people at work to the few women at the mall. I think that us, women actually apprecaite it so much more when another woman says something nice about what we're wearing.

I played with so many different textures today and I love how it kind of actually relfected me! The tweed is the rough, the denim is the tough, the suede is for richness and the chiffon top for the softness and sweetness. I'm all of that! Great advise, remember that sometimes what you wear is a great expression of who you are or what you want to be.

Thank you all for reading and letting me share some of my emotions and thoughts today!

Friday, December 9, 2011

That's so 70's.

Happy Friday everybody! I apologize that it's been taking me longer to make new posts in the blog but December has been crazy, from me getting sick to the busy schedule at work to christmas shopping.
I will try my bestest to make up for it the next few days and will take time to take pictures and write new postings:)

Our theme for this outfit as the title says is the 70's. Amazing era, the bell-bottom pants and the crazy is truly a great era to use as imagination and I did just that by pairing this Nordstrom Rack find top ($20!) with a ultra flare jeans from True Religion.

I love that fashion is like a cycle but with each turn trends evolve and comes out better. Almost all trends from the 50's 60's and 70's took it's turn for a big come back--the bell-bottom jeans, jean jacket, the leggings, the highwaist pants, etc. This particular top has the print and somewhat the same of the 70's top but I just fell in love with the lace detail and the asymmetrical bottom. This top is light, flowy, just have a comfort in it. It worked out great for a casual friday look.

Be inspired guys!