Daily Blogger Pics

Hello everyone! I will be adding new pics in this page daily of whatever I find interesting for the day or whatever it is that's happening throughout my day.
Not Enough Time.
Lately the weather is non-permitting for a photoshoot (it's just too cold!) and work has been hectic so I really haven't gotten the chance to make new posts, but I do take a minute to take a picture of some of my outfits for the day.


lovely orange! I love love this color on my nails!

amazing deal, $14 at old navy! Embossed black and gold shorts:)

Little details count: Added a black button shirt for layering

Amazing deal alert #2! This leopard print jacket was $29 at Nordstrom rack! White loose top for $9 also at Nordstrom rack. 


Family lunch at CPK

Just trying out a new lip color...I actually really love it!

Phillies Game

My poor main man had to skip the game, but posed for some silliness before I left work.

Mom however, did make it and we had a blast. My new beanie was a freebie (oooh, that rhymes! lol) at the game...too bad we lost that night:(


Bad me! Enjoyed this day with these delicious and sinful delicacies.

Target Weekend 

Having late lunch at Rouge

Enjoying the end of summer weather strolling at downtown Philadelphia

Yummy Eggs Benedict

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