Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hello everyone! Oh my, it's been a while since I posted something new and I totally apologize for that, holidays keep me very busy at my dayjob (or night job since I also work afterhours), and not only that, my main man's pc is not working so some pictures are on hold:( Anyhow, both reasons is not enough for me to give you guys some holiday gift tips. Christmas is such a joyous occasion, a time for the family to get-together, a time for giving. On my opinion, gifts should be full of thought and done with style! Here are some of my holiday picks:

Under $20

Item #1 is a great gift this season because of the usability of this Brazen 'Rainbow' Pop-top Mittens. Not only is this stylsh, it is also handy, great for those smart phone and ipads/tablet users. Best thing, this will keep you and your wallet quite warm for $14.80

(Note: Nordstrom is free shipping!)


Item #2: Square scarf. For those are into blog reading, a scarf will be a great gift this year, not only will it keep you warm, scarves a great accessory to add to any outfit. Check out as they have several selections for under $15! This particular scarf pictured sells for $13!

Item #3: Snake skin clutch. This adorable clutch is a great gift for any party goer. They can probably use this for New Years Eve, match it with a sequined dress or even an LBD. It is small but will absolutely not fail to give a statement. Price: $12.99 at

Under $50

Items pictured above (Graphic Image Personalized Universal Phone Case), I do wish I can receive this holiday. It is personalized and will totally make the receiver of this gift feel that you thought and made an effort for her. $41.25 at 

Item #2: Rain or snow, look great and keep your foot dry with these stylish Chooka Rainboots. Stripe boot for $39.90 and Leopard for $45.90 at (Hurry up though, sizes are definitely limited!)

Item #3: Smash box You're It Eye Palette. This is perfect for the make up lovers! I am a huge fan of smashbox and with this $250 value palette, you just cannot go wrong. The colors are great and this again will come in handy for any those planning to glamourize themselves for New Year's Eve! $49 at Sephora stores or

These are just a few good things to give out this christmas, enjoy your holiday shopping everyone!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Shiny, Sunny, Fall.

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I would just like to share something that I heard from mass yesterday and I am sharing this in hope to inspire everyone out there to do what you love, to take a chance and to have the confidence on who and what you are. "Flourish and Nurture What God Gave to You." It was later elaborated and it was said that God blessed us with talents and capabilities and it is within us to enhance or to improve what we are given.

It has always been a dream of mine to be in the fashion scene, however, life doesn't always turns out the way you planned or the way you dreamed it would be, fate is not always kind. This blog, although not world wide, not as popular as others, not as many followers or readers compared to most, brought a certain fulfillment of what I wanted to be, where I wanted to be. Doing this, to others might seem irrelevant, but to me, it is me nurturing what I was given, it is me having a passion and actually doing something about it. I hope to those who are fearful or doubtful can break through that fear and doubt and do the same, if not fashion, maybe in photography or arts or maybe you're a gifted journalist or a performer, whatever it maybe or you maybe, that's a gift, share it to others. :)

Our featured look for today is my attempt to show that sheen/shine can certainly work for the day. Most assume that sheen/shine is strictly for evening but with some adjustments in colors that will not be the case anymore. On this becautiful sunny fall day, weather was perfect, it was not too cold and you can smell and see the change in season. For my day look, I wore this silver sequined top from Forever 21 and paired it with my bargain white slacks (worth $5!) and taupe/brown faux leather jacket also from Forever 21. I opted for a red lip which popped out of the neutral colors I chose for the look.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hey guys! Oh how I missed shooting for a pairing video and this time I chose to do it with one of me new items, chunky sweater. I actually got a couple from Forever21 and it's a great piece of clothing to have in your closet. It is warm and comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

I hope you enjoy this vid! Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ruffle, Color and Pearls.

Hello everyone! I hope everybody had a great weekend! I certainly did! I spent this weekend with my girlfriends and bonded over shopping, dining and short partying at night. I just want to share how great it is to have such amazing girlfriends, not only are they fun to have around but they too influence my fashion sense, they offer a lending hand when I'm having a fashion emergency. This weekend, I did not prepare a nightout outfit thinking that I will be able to get and find what I would wear for the evening at our afternoon shopping trip, but sadly, I did not find the items I wanted. To the rescue of course are my girls who offered me a bunch of options from their own luggage and I was able to come up with an outfit! Love them! :D

Now let's go to my featured look, this is a chic end of the week look. Fridays are usually my dress up days instead of it being casual, possibly because of two reasons: 1, I am excited for the weekend and just inspired, and 2, because I usually go out with friends or family after the work day is over.
Again, my love for colors is showcased in this look. I paired my thrifted my blazer ($3) with my yet another bargain find at forever 21 pants (for $10.50!).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

City Chic.

This might possibly be my favorite look thus far. It combined all that I love in one outfit: Leopard Print, Color, Tights and overall chicness! This dress from Zara is something I wear all the time, you have seen this in previous posting and in my video blog, and I still can't get enough of it. There's really so much you can do with this. For this look, I layered this dress with a pink button down shirt and it just popped out of the dress and such it's such a great detail to this look. Also, since the weather is now in the lows I got to wear my Forever21 coat again. I got this coat last year and has been a favorite since then. I just love the chunky gold buttons and the classyness of it and how it vamps a traditional black coat.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OOTD: Pleats and Prints

 My dearest Main Man is really so nice to me lately (well always) and he offered to do my Out of the Day Video and I am ecstatic as he is way more artistic that I can ever be when it comes to these things. A big shout out to him for doing it for me and of course for taking all my pictures in the blog, he is such a great support. I share to him all the good things the blog has brought to me and he never fails to share the joy with me. This is a fruit of his hard work as well and for anyone interested he does do portraits and videos and you can see some of his work at