Hello everyone! A tribute to the young professionals. I added this page, as I previously mentioned on one of my postings, as a challenge to myself. I work in somewhat of a corporate field and I realized that there might be more of you there that would like to get some tips and ideas on how to vamp your corporate look. For most, corporate look consists of black skirts, grey suits and blazers but I certainly think that you can play some of the trends today and still maintain the professionality on your outfit.

This page should be helpful to those who are going for job interviews or for those who had just started in the workfield keeping in mind that you can always make a good impression with the way you represent yourself. I also thought that for most blogs or even websites, a lot of the targeted readers are really for high fashion, not much that you can incorporate for work. This is a leap from that and I hope it will be helpful to some of you. <3

Mustard and Royal.

Brights on a gloomy day.

Lace and Pleats.

Top: H&M
Skirt and Necklaces: Thrifted
Pumps: Jessica Simpson
Belt: Target

The Old Days.

Lately, I've been having so much fun going to different thrift/consignment stores and this outfit is inspired of the early 90's office attire. I purchased this top from a small thrift store for $7 and I just love all the colors this outfit has. It's such a busy print, not something I'll usually pick out but I gravitated towards it right away because of the way this top is constructed. The closed-up neck and the shoulders pads with the pleating in the front, the busy print didn't overwhelm the clean constructions and lines of this top. It was flattering and professional enough for the office. To maintain the focal point, I paired this tops with all black and with a clean bun.

The Queen of the Jungle.

This particular outfit I would have to say is more for my type of office. I work in a less formal work environment and I'm still able to pull off some professionality in this look even with the animal print. This skirt (as seen on my vid) I thought, is just so feminine and already makes a statement by itself. I wanted to showcase that by wearing a white top with just some hint of ruffles and added color by adding a royal blue belt that went with my shoes.

To wear this skirt for a more formal office, pair it with black pumps, fitter button down shirt and black blazer. You are still making a statement by stirring away from the usual black or grey pencil skirt.
The Bow.

This bow-tie top is from Banana Republic Outlet and I got it for about $20. I it such a great piece to add in your work closet. You can play this up with pants or skirts or under a blazer or sweater. I thought that this that this look is sophisticated and what sets it apart is the splash of color of the mustard pants.

Let's Go Mono.

One of my go-to looks is a monochromatic look, favorite color to do that with? Black. This color is such a great way to compliment your body, it gives you a longer and leaner look. To go further with complimenting your body, choose the best shapes. I wore my top here that I got for such a great bargain, $5 with my first ever black pencil skirt and it gave the the perfect hour glass shape.

There are two ways to break your monochromatic look, and the reason why we do this is so that your body's shape can be highlighted as well. If you are wearing a one color, same fabric, make sure to add a belt that will divide your torso and bottom, hence accentuating your waist give you a shape. Another way, is by choosing different types of fabric or cut, something that I am demonstrating in this particular outfit. I choose a top with some sheen and some ruffling towards the bottom, accentuating my hips that help to make my waist cinched.

Accessorizing is also another way to give your mono look a boost. I paired my black top with black pencil skirt with this black floral patterned platforms. A look that makes longer, leaner, sexy, updated and professional! Enjoy your work week everyone!
Blocking the Road.

The Wrap.

Another normal day at the office...well normal Fall day at the office. It was a breezy day and a I wore this soft cotton wrap top with my black harem-ish trouser. This look kept me warm and still was very work appropriate. Also a great advise, for those who are into harem type trousers or even for those are skeptical about it, give it a try because it gives you a great shape towards the hips but keep the top not too loose that your shape will suffer. Also pick a length that is not to slouchy towards the bottom as that tends to shorten you. If you happen to be petite like me, have your pants tailored or try folding them.