Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not Quite Fall.

So today's post is "Not Quite Fall" because this look is really more of a fall outfit but since we're still just towards the end of summer I did make a few adjustments to make it weather appropriate.
I had to go with this look because I got my Leopard print booties and I just had to wear them. On top of that, my dad just got back from the Philippines and happened to have chosen this bib necklace for me that also has a leopard print on it (how awesome is my dad?! haha). I really wanted to showcase both items and so I have decided to wear them on top of a block of neutral color. Necklace on top of my black top and the white skirt made my shoes pop-up more. I should just mention that Black and White is very in for this  fall, but for a different mix-up this coming season, be sure to wear white on bottom and black on top.

Just as I said since, fall has yet to start, the weather is not as hot as it is in the middle of summer, breeze is now cooler, I can compare it more to late spring weather, I wanted to wear something light clothing wise, since shoes are already very closed up. I chose to wear my favorite Forever21 sheer top and Mossimo white skirt. For fall I would abosultely wear this same outfit but maybe wear a knit black sweater on top and add tights to add some warmth on the leg.
Necklace: Philippines
Bag: F21
Top: F21
Shoes: Asos
Skirt: Mossimo
Sunglasses: Tory Burch


  1. i wanted to hype it pero idk how :( but ur outfit is so "gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous!" (mala-gnajohari's expression) lol!

  2. hahaha love, love, love! i'll put the hype button in this page soon! lookout for it!