Monday, September 12, 2011

I am so Waisted.

Hello everyone! I hope everybody had a great weekend! Weekend was great for me, my entire weekend from Friday night to Sunday was booked and I just really had fun with my family and friends. I am feeling very blessed and just so content:D Anyways, let's talk about...what else?! Clothes!

My posting today is actually late, this picture was taken some weeks ago but I have not been able to post. This picture was taken on a Friday and just like any Fridays I was just happy that work week was done! I decided to celebrate that by wearing a denim. Not regular jeans however.

I got this very vintage inspired skirt from one my thrift store adventures for about $4. It is a stretched high-waisted skirt and I love the shape it gives, it hugs the bottom half of the body. This one made me look like I had "junk in the trunk" lol. High waisted pants or skirts give the illusion that you're taller, just make sure that the length hits you are the right spot--if you're going for pants, it should only hit you right at the top of your feet (or toes, if you're wearing wide leg pants), and if you're going for skirts don't go too short.

Paired this with a simple black button-down shirt and some gold accessories. I particularly love my leaf necklace. It's chain is actually suade and I thought it gave kind of like the 70's vibe and it's very hippie-ish, which went with the high waisted skirt.
Had a couple of silly pictures this day :P Special thanks again to my main man, brother dearest for being so patient in taking and editing my every picture in the blog. <3

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