Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Going back to Classics.

I cannot remember the last time I wore something simple and classic and I had just forgotten how good you can look with the littlest effort. For this workday, I ran out of ideas and could not find my fashionspiration, which led me to go back to my classics.

The cleanest lines and the absence of prints gave about an underwhelming yet sophisticated look.

Blazer: Donna Karan (Thifted)
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Shoedazzle
Necklace: Style & Co.

Monday, September 26, 2011

All sorts of Cool.

Ah...Friday! Who does not love Fridays?! I loved this particular Friday because I get to watch my favorite baseball team, The Phillies after work with a free ticket from my boss:D I know what you're thinking...what in this outfit makes me a Phillies/baseball fan? Well, I had to still come to work and the I wasn't planning on spending all day in my Phillies gear.

This is my translation of a sporty/casual friday look. Heels?! I know not so casual but my grey Mossimo jeggings and my plain black shirt I thought made this look as dressed down as possible.

This is again my favorite jacket from J Crew with my favorite Leopard booties and honestly this looks a little busy with the different textures and prints but I never minded mixing these things together as long as a major part of my garment can neutralize these prints. I went simple with my accessories with a simple locket necklace from F21.

Here I am now with my full baseball fan gear! Let's play ball! (lol)

Check out my daily pics for some more phillies pics!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catch This Fall Part II

Oh yey! After several hours (because I am obviously not the techiest and most creative person when it comes to this video thing) I have finally finished one video. There's still certainly a lot of improvements needed but I really did try to do this so that I can give you guys a little more to work on. Hope you guys enjoy it and look out for some more vids to come!


Little post before uploading the first video of the blog. Urbanary...I don't always go for the flat as noticed on my looks but I saw this flat from Urban Outfitters and immediately loved it. It is so chic and it's nice to have a good flat that I can definitely feel confident in.

I paired this with my faux leather pants that I got from Joyce Leslie as a halloween costume (lol) but it turned out that it actually came in trend.

This outfit is so relaxed and such a weekend outfit specially since I also wore a white shirt from Mossimo. It is so relaxed and airy that I can wear this all day even to sleep haha.

We have to keep this plain outfit interesting so I made sure that I accessorize, and I did! Two necklaces and countless bangles.

Monday, September 19, 2011

To the Dark Side.

And now it is fall! My favorite fall/winter accessory is back, tights! I was so happy when the shorts and tights trend started because I have a new excuse to wear shorts at work now because my legs would still be covered with tights and it wouldn't be so inappropriate. This is a casual friday look. I paired my thin knit sweater with black shorts and tights and I cinched my waist with a belt.
I got this sweater for $7 at Marshalls and I love that it's loose and thin. The color is mutual as well and it could be paired with so many different items. Special Thanks to my Nanay who got me this Zara bag on her trip to Spain. This bag ended up as an everyday bag and I love everybit of that soft leather.
This is such a comfy outfit, the flats made it extra comfier, perfect for the end of summer beginning of fall weather.

Update: I will be posting daily pics now in the blog as yehey, I finally got a new camera. Also with this camera, a video blog will be coming soon! I hope you guys watch out for it...thank you all for reading and supporting me! <3

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Victorian.

For this particular outfit, I think I was either going for rocked out teacher or victorian (lol) but I choose to call it my modern victorian look, it is what i had in mind orginially. It is actually one of my favorite fashion era, the 1850's. It is when the women in Britain started wearing petticoats so skirts were shaped like a bell; they would pair that with tight cropped blazer type that goes only to their waists and are pointed. My version is not quite like that but I certainly wanted to go for the bell skirt with the blazer and cinched waist, this is a work outfit so I had to be a little discrete.

My Skirt is a thrift find and my new favorite belt is from Urban Outfitters. I purchased this and it was a great find for $10!
Blazer is from F21. it is so useful and it is a basic so I would suggest getting one for yourself as you can dress this up or dress it down. Shoes are from shoedazzle. My hair, I opted to keep it on a high bun.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Catch this Fall (Part 1).

With the New York Fashion Week going on right now and the Summer nearly done, I just thought that this will be the perfect time to give you, my readers, some insights for the coming fall fashion--what's in, what's new, what's a must and what's to keep or what to loose.
I, myself is now preparing for fall. There are already a few items I got, of course they are all bargains! I took advantage of the end of summer and labor day weekend sales!
What's In?
-I reviewed the past Fall 2011 collections and have been doing my research through reading of several fashion magazines, visiting other blogs and fashion sites and found that there are a few things to look out for this season.

Plaid.  This fall plaids are back. It could be the regular plaids or just do mod shapes. This print was eminent with a few designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, etc. If you feel that you are not able to pull off the sixties vibe, just go for the more traditional plaid but wear it differently. For outerwear, go for a cape instead of a regular coat.

What's New?
Snake. Although Leopard print will always be in fashion, for me at least. This fall, look out more for python/ snake-skin animal print. Wear it in accessories, shoes or carry it as a clutch, even wear it as a dress!
Mixed fabric. My favorite new trend, I would have to say, is the mixed fabric outerwear. Go from the regular trench to a trench that has some leather, or maybe tweed added in the body. If this might be too much of a risk for you conservatives out there, mixing two tones but same fabric type will be just fine too:D

What's a Must?
Fur. Another favorite trend of mine for this coming season is Fur! Who wouldn't love it? It gives such a lux feeling when you're wearing it, at the same time it's warm and it's fashionable. Let's keep it faux fur though! On the runway, fur was used several ways, as a trimming, as a vest, as a coat, etc! You choose your way. If you are not comfortable wearing an entire garment of fur, keep it in the collar of your coat, or just towards the sleeve. I, on the other hand, would like to suggest, and I have put up a suggestion on this through my fb page, to go for a vest. It is versatile...much more versatile than most think. Wear it on top of a your favorite sweater, wear it on top of a dress and add some tights, wear it with jeans, cinch it with a belt. Demi Moore's Ann Taylor Ad is my favorite! Perfect way to add some of the glam to your regular sweater.


Loafers. There are so many varieties of this now, wear a flat for comfort or with heels for work! Loafer heels are everywhere and my dream loafer is the Christian Louboutin Trotitella Loafer--they're heels!!! Wear them with tights and skirt, wear them with denim, wear them with cropped pants...drool! Since I cannot afford these beauties as they are $835! I found a great alternative, and believe me, you will see these everywhere in the mall this season. But for an affordable and wearable loafer, I saw a Nine West Loafer with heels at Marshalls for $50! Worth checking out for sure!

Wedges. Wedge Booties are also very in this season. Make sure to add them up in your collection. They are so practical to wear as they are very comfortable and at the same time they'll keep your lil footies warm. I also found a great pair of Steve Madden Booties at Marshall's for $50!

What to Keep?
My what to keep are trends from last year or last season that you can still wear and pull off this fall.
1. Leopard. Keep those Leopard scarves, keep the leopard print tops (sheer or not), keep those flats, the clutches and all leopard. I love this print and I honestly think that they never go out of style. For this fall, you might see a few celebrities pulling this particular print on their jeans! Leopard skinnies will be a trend this fall, match it with your leather jackets or with your blazers, wear them with boots or flats. You will also see some loafers that has this print, Tory Burch has a really cute one! That's something I might actually invest on.
For Sale Leopard heels, I would go to Nordstrom, they have a sale going on right now...if you have missed that, go back to my favorite store, Marshalls or check out where I got my leopard booties (worn at my Not Quite Fall posting) for only $32!
2. Leather. This one really never ever go out of style. Play around with your leather jackets this fall and maybe do a biker jacket. If you're more on the feminine side, go for a different color, blush pinks or creams...Forever 21 has a yellow tag sale on this one right now!
3. Red. This will be my bright for this fall. Red clutch (found one at the thrift store for abut $5); red jeans/pants (forever 21, has a great selection), red blazers (thrift stores are the best place to go), red shoes, red lipstick (mac has a great long wear lip stick).
4. Tights. This season, textured or colored tights are very in. I found a great buy at target for only $5. I am looking to buy something a little bit more playful this season however, I found this at and they are so adorable (imagine this with shorts or a dress)!  
There are plenty more trends out this season but these are just a few so don't be afraid to try them all. Play around this fall. I know how sad it is that the warm weather will be gone but take advantage of the cold and have fun with your clothes!

Not Quite Fall.

So today's post is "Not Quite Fall" because this look is really more of a fall outfit but since we're still just towards the end of summer I did make a few adjustments to make it weather appropriate.
I had to go with this look because I got my Leopard print booties and I just had to wear them. On top of that, my dad just got back from the Philippines and happened to have chosen this bib necklace for me that also has a leopard print on it (how awesome is my dad?! haha). I really wanted to showcase both items and so I have decided to wear them on top of a block of neutral color. Necklace on top of my black top and the white skirt made my shoes pop-up more. I should just mention that Black and White is very in for this  fall, but for a different mix-up this coming season, be sure to wear white on bottom and black on top.

Just as I said since, fall has yet to start, the weather is not as hot as it is in the middle of summer, breeze is now cooler, I can compare it more to late spring weather, I wanted to wear something light clothing wise, since shoes are already very closed up. I chose to wear my favorite Forever21 sheer top and Mossimo white skirt. For fall I would abosultely wear this same outfit but maybe wear a knit black sweater on top and add tights to add some warmth on the leg.
Necklace: Philippines
Bag: F21
Top: F21
Shoes: Asos
Skirt: Mossimo
Sunglasses: Tory Burch

Monday, September 12, 2011

I am so Waisted.

Hello everyone! I hope everybody had a great weekend! Weekend was great for me, my entire weekend from Friday night to Sunday was booked and I just really had fun with my family and friends. I am feeling very blessed and just so content:D Anyways, let's talk about...what else?! Clothes!

My posting today is actually late, this picture was taken some weeks ago but I have not been able to post. This picture was taken on a Friday and just like any Fridays I was just happy that work week was done! I decided to celebrate that by wearing a denim. Not regular jeans however.

I got this very vintage inspired skirt from one my thrift store adventures for about $4. It is a stretched high-waisted skirt and I love the shape it gives, it hugs the bottom half of the body. This one made me look like I had "junk in the trunk" lol. High waisted pants or skirts give the illusion that you're taller, just make sure that the length hits you are the right spot--if you're going for pants, it should only hit you right at the top of your feet (or toes, if you're wearing wide leg pants), and if you're going for skirts don't go too short.

Paired this with a simple black button-down shirt and some gold accessories. I particularly love my leaf necklace. It's chain is actually suade and I thought it gave kind of like the 70's vibe and it's very hippie-ish, which went with the high waisted skirt.
Had a couple of silly pictures this day :P Special thanks again to my main man, brother dearest for being so patient in taking and editing my every picture in the blog. <3

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mommy and Baby.

I have been dying to have a shoot with my dogs since I started this blog, unfortunately the pictures I have for this posting is only with one of my babies, my only daughter (haha) Juicy:D Isn't she pretty!? Oh i love her! She's smart, playful and friendly, just total fun to hang around with. She too is her own fashionista, she's wearing a pink and purple leopard print tank dress...she takes after me! I will make sure that on my next posting with the doggies I'll inclue my two other baby boys, Jigger and Jiphee, you will love them as much as you love Juicy:D

We loved our stroll that day and I certainly love the easiness and how feminine this look is. My skirt is one of my newest thrift find, $4, you can't go wrong with that! It hits me at such an odd length but I think that adds to the vintage feel of this skirt and adding those vintage inspired heels just made this look. They are my barney shoes that I've had for about 5years now but I love them and they just look so sophisticated.

Happy Friday everyone!
Janelle and Juicy

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trying Something New.

Hello everyone! So, I have been really trying to think of other ways to reach more readers and get a bigger audience with the blog. I know that there's still so much more I can do with my blog, maybe someday I will be posting vids as well (hmmm....) and sometime soon I will definitely be adding more pairings and with the Janelle's Work Diary fb page (please add me, where I post my Want(s) of the Week and other shopping ideas I do have, I am certainly hoping I'm able to help some of you stylistas out there.

I have decided to venture out and start posting looks in For those who are unfamiliar, this site is for fashion bloggers or fashion fans or anything fashion. So many members have a blog of their own but would posts looks here to reach other bloggers and maybe get their comments or input on their looks. The site has a "hype" button, which is the "like"  button in facebook and the more hypes you get the more publicity your look will get. Hypes will get you on their Top list or in their Hot list. For a new comer like me, I would really like for my looks to be more visible to the other bloggers and to the visitors of this site because that could lead to my goal of having a greater audience. So please support my coming looks and don't forget to press the "hype" button that will be in the bottom of each posting.
Please visit the site constantly, it is really a great site to go to if you're looking for a fashionspiration! This site is also for men, so don't be shy boys and post your looks in there too! (to hype my look, when you get to the site, please press "h")

To those who have posted and shared my blog in their fb pages, thank you guys so much and for all my friends out there who has yet to do so, please share my blogsite and promote it!

Flower Power.

It might be a little too late for a spring look since now it's all rainy and the warm season is about to end, but when going to the mall all that's on sale are spring/summer items. I took advantage of that on one of my trips to a dept. store this past week and got a couple girly cute things!

I had to wear these! I got both top and shoes for a total of $20! I was actually just walking passed through a rack and for some reason this top caught the side of my eye, pulled it out and just saw possibilities. I love the asymmetrical cut in the bottom of this top and the sheerness. This top will be great with a pair of shorts or maybe tucked in a skirt; and for the colder weather this will be great as a layering piece. This could be work with a blazer or maybe under a chunky short sleeve sweater, jeans and boots.
 I decided to wear this top at the office kind of relaxed and simple. Paired this with leggings and another bargain find, my $10 floral shoes! I love that height! I think this is about 5inches but it is as comfortable as the next pair of flats I have. I was the official spokes person of these two finds and did a couple of my coworkers a favor and got them the same pair of heels:D...great accessory? My starbucks coffee! (lol)

Please hit the "hype" button for my page. When you get to the site, press "h." Thanks for all your support!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Prints and Jean.

Hey guys! I have tons of new postings coming your way because I know it has been a while since I blogged regularly:( To start with, I have this look that I put together that is kind of not put together. Ha?! Well I think that this look is just so random. There's no obvious fluidity in it, there's no certain pattern, no textures are the same. I played a round a little bit with different textures and designs and palettes with this one. It is an abstract. I feel as though, in the end, the different elements came together to give me one great and interesting ensemble.

The key in pulling together a look with so many different elements is in making sure that colors and patterns don't fight agains in each other visually. Mixing a small patterned top with a more prominent pattern in the bottom is great (or vise versa) and the way to break that confusion is by adding something solid in between, hence I added a thicker color blocked belt (in silver). Even the colors mixed in this is not hurtful to the eye. I went for neutrals here, which usually acts as an accent to other colors but here it is playing as an accent to patterns instead. You'll also notice that since the majority of the outfit is with patterns and textures (chiffon top, silk skirt, leather belt, jean jacket) I kep it plain and used blocks of the neutrals in accessories.
Certainly something to try out!
Top: Joyce Leslie
Skirt: F21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Zara

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Featured Reader of The Month: September

Oh, can you believe that it is already September?! Surely, time flies and we now have a new feautred reader--Jennifer.

I think it is quite obvious from the picture above why I chose her to be my featured reader-- she is dainty, she is creative and playful when it comes to style. She is a follower of many fashionbloggers and on her free time, checks out or windowshops online.All of which, from what I believe inspires her to dress and carry herself the way she does.

To further prove this, I chose 3 of my favorite looks that she has put together.

Look #1:
First look is definitely a favorite because it showcases her creative and playful side. This is not a usual look for her but that just made me love it more because she went outside the box and was not at all fearful in trying out the newest and oddest trend going on now, socks with heels. I also love that she paired that trend with another trend, vintage. Her dress just gives the right touch of vintage because of its cut to the floral detail in it and she didn't stop there! She also matched this with a real vintage bag that was thrifted. <3

Look #2: you know, I am a sucker for animal prints lately and I just got to put this on my best look list. I think that it takes a lot of courage and you certainly have got to wear it right when wearing an all-over animal print dress. This dress is just great with the feminine touches--the ruffles, the flowy chiffon, the bow (she artistically placed in there when it's supposed to be in the back) and that halter cut. I am also loving that sleek pulled-back bun, which she pulls off effortlessly and some nude pumps to truly showcase the dress.

Look #3:
Perhaps this is my most favorite. Upon seeing this on her facebook page, I just knew I had to feature her. As per her caption, this was inspired by and apparently my blog as well (great thanks!) but I certainly think she made this look her own. I love that she went with the color blocking, navy and orange, which is a great combination. I also love the neutral accessoies. What really made this look for me is the overall class and sophistication it exudes. The puff sleeve, the cinched waist and that A-line skirt gave her the perfect hour-glass shape and come on, even the sunnies went great with it. This would be a killer look on a job interview, it shows that you have confidence, it could also be worn on a fancy lunch out. I saw her try this top with the sleeves folded and it tames the look down as well specially if it's a little warmer out. For the colder weather, this would be great matched with textured tights, booties and a nice trench coat.

Thank you guys for reading! Oh and remember, if you have some great looks to share please please do, I would love give my two cents in it and I know that I can always pick up some styling ideas from all of you guys too!