Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Catch this Fall (Part 1).

With the New York Fashion Week going on right now and the Summer nearly done, I just thought that this will be the perfect time to give you, my readers, some insights for the coming fall fashion--what's in, what's new, what's a must and what's to keep or what to loose.
I, myself is now preparing for fall. There are already a few items I got, of course they are all bargains! I took advantage of the end of summer and labor day weekend sales!
What's In?
-I reviewed the past Fall 2011 collections and have been doing my research through reading of several fashion magazines, visiting other blogs and fashion sites and found that there are a few things to look out for this season.

Plaid.  This fall plaids are back. It could be the regular plaids or just do mod shapes. This print was eminent with a few designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, etc. If you feel that you are not able to pull off the sixties vibe, just go for the more traditional plaid but wear it differently. For outerwear, go for a cape instead of a regular coat.

What's New?
Snake. Although Leopard print will always be in fashion, for me at least. This fall, look out more for python/ snake-skin animal print. Wear it in accessories, shoes or carry it as a clutch, even wear it as a dress!
Mixed fabric. My favorite new trend, I would have to say, is the mixed fabric outerwear. Go from the regular trench to a trench that has some leather, or maybe tweed added in the body. If this might be too much of a risk for you conservatives out there, mixing two tones but same fabric type will be just fine too:D

What's a Must?
Fur. Another favorite trend of mine for this coming season is Fur! Who wouldn't love it? It gives such a lux feeling when you're wearing it, at the same time it's warm and it's fashionable. Let's keep it faux fur though! On the runway, fur was used several ways, as a trimming, as a vest, as a coat, etc! You choose your way. If you are not comfortable wearing an entire garment of fur, keep it in the collar of your coat, or just towards the sleeve. I, on the other hand, would like to suggest, and I have put up a suggestion on this through my fb page, to go for a vest. It is versatile...much more versatile than most think. Wear it on top of a your favorite sweater, wear it on top of a dress and add some tights, wear it with jeans, cinch it with a belt. Demi Moore's Ann Taylor Ad is my favorite! Perfect way to add some of the glam to your regular sweater.


Loafers. There are so many varieties of this now, wear a flat for comfort or with heels for work! Loafer heels are everywhere and my dream loafer is the Christian Louboutin Trotitella Loafer--they're heels!!! Wear them with tights and skirt, wear them with denim, wear them with cropped pants...drool! Since I cannot afford these beauties as they are $835! I found a great alternative, and believe me, you will see these everywhere in the mall this season. But for an affordable and wearable loafer, I saw a Nine West Loafer with heels at Marshalls for $50! Worth checking out for sure!

Wedges. Wedge Booties are also very in this season. Make sure to add them up in your collection. They are so practical to wear as they are very comfortable and at the same time they'll keep your lil footies warm. I also found a great pair of Steve Madden Booties at Marshall's for $50!

What to Keep?
My what to keep are trends from last year or last season that you can still wear and pull off this fall.
1. Leopard. Keep those Leopard scarves, keep the leopard print tops (sheer or not), keep those flats, the clutches and all leopard. I love this print and I honestly think that they never go out of style. For this fall, you might see a few celebrities pulling this particular print on their jeans! Leopard skinnies will be a trend this fall, match it with your leather jackets or with your blazers, wear them with boots or flats. You will also see some loafers that has this print, Tory Burch has a really cute one! That's something I might actually invest on.
For Sale Leopard heels, I would go to Nordstrom, they have a sale going on right now...if you have missed that, go back to my favorite store, Marshalls or check out http://www.asos.com/ where I got my leopard booties (worn at my Not Quite Fall posting) for only $32!
2. Leather. This one really never ever go out of style. Play around with your leather jackets this fall and maybe do a biker jacket. If you're more on the feminine side, go for a different color, blush pinks or creams...Forever 21 has a yellow tag sale on this one right now!
3. Red. This will be my bright for this fall. Red clutch (found one at the thrift store for abut $5); red jeans/pants (forever 21, has a great selection), red blazers (thrift stores are the best place to go), red shoes, red lipstick (mac has a great long wear lip stick).
4. Tights. This season, textured or colored tights are very in. I found a great buy at target for only $5. I am looking to buy something a little bit more playful this season however, I found this at modcloth.com and they are so adorable (imagine this with shorts or a dress)!  
There are plenty more trends out this season but these are just a few so don't be afraid to try them all. Play around this fall. I know how sad it is that the warm weather will be gone but take advantage of the cold and have fun with your clothes!


  1. Love this post! Yay cuz I'm into leopard prints these days!

  2. Thanks Kashka! Part II is coming soon, look out for that too:D