Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flower Power.

It might be a little too late for a spring look since now it's all rainy and the warm season is about to end, but when going to the mall all that's on sale are spring/summer items. I took advantage of that on one of my trips to a dept. store this past week and got a couple girly cute things!

I had to wear these! I got both top and shoes for a total of $20! I was actually just walking passed through a rack and for some reason this top caught the side of my eye, pulled it out and just saw possibilities. I love the asymmetrical cut in the bottom of this top and the sheerness. This top will be great with a pair of shorts or maybe tucked in a skirt; and for the colder weather this will be great as a layering piece. This could be work with a blazer or maybe under a chunky short sleeve sweater, jeans and boots.
 I decided to wear this top at the office kind of relaxed and simple. Paired this with leggings and another bargain find, my $10 floral shoes! I love that height! I think this is about 5inches but it is as comfortable as the next pair of flats I have. I was the official spokes person of these two finds and did a couple of my coworkers a favor and got them the same pair of heels:D...great accessory? My starbucks coffee! (lol)

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