Monday, September 19, 2011

To the Dark Side.

And now it is fall! My favorite fall/winter accessory is back, tights! I was so happy when the shorts and tights trend started because I have a new excuse to wear shorts at work now because my legs would still be covered with tights and it wouldn't be so inappropriate. This is a casual friday look. I paired my thin knit sweater with black shorts and tights and I cinched my waist with a belt.
I got this sweater for $7 at Marshalls and I love that it's loose and thin. The color is mutual as well and it could be paired with so many different items. Special Thanks to my Nanay who got me this Zara bag on her trip to Spain. This bag ended up as an everyday bag and I love everybit of that soft leather.
This is such a comfy outfit, the flats made it extra comfier, perfect for the end of summer beginning of fall weather.

Update: I will be posting daily pics now in the blog as yehey, I finally got a new camera. Also with this camera, a video blog will be coming soon! I hope you guys watch out for it...thank you all for reading and supporting me! <3

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