Tuesday, June 28, 2011

String of Pearls.

I love the feminity of this outfit; the cleanliness of the colors. This is such an old dress I have, I got on sale at Loehman's, it was such a smart buy. My sister borrowed this dress for one of our night outs, I wore this dress on a nice lunch out while I was in Miami, for $8, you can't go wrong! I know a few people that considers evening with dark colors, I don't necessarily agree because I think amongst all that dark colors, if you are wearing something lighter it will make you stand out in the crowd better.
Paired this dress with a much older vest, I think it is the first one I got when vests made a come back. It's in a stretchy fabric and had some pleating in the back that gave it a shape. I love it, wear this with a white shirt or a tank and once buttoned, it gives you an amazing shape...
Tip: If you are curvy just like me or even when you are not as heavy but has more of a straighter body shape, it is so important that you buy clothes that have the shape in it already. Check the curves of the item. A lot of items now havee the stitching, the pleating, the rushing that works perfectly to hide certain areas of your body.
I paired this outfit with a pearl necklace. It is as delicate and as feminine, what could be more sophisticated that a pearl necklace right?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Anchor's Away.

It was a beautiful Sunday and I was invited on a Sunday BBQ. All this weekend however, I stayed home and although I was just going to a small party, I still went for a more dress-up outfit. This is such a cute outfit mainly because of the adorable high-waisted shorts. You can play around with this shorts so much.
You can wear it in a more "pin-up" out fit maybe with some polka dot halter top and red lipstick with pumps (so cute!) or wear this with a plain white shirt. Again, I buy a lot of pieces that you can wear with a lot of things, all you need is some imagination:)

Tip: Do not be afraid to dress up! Dress up is so fun not only for kids but also for adults! You cannot believe how good it will make you feel in the inside. I say take the extra effort and wear something that you really like and something that makes you feel beautiful.

Just look at this yellow buttons anchor buttons! So cute!

I do have to confess that although I am a big, in fact huge saver when it comes to clothes, there are some things that I do splurge on and one of them would be bags. Just like the many out there, I spend and bursts my bank account because of a bag. Anyhow, I paired this outfit with my Prada Saffiano Lux Tote. I fell in love with this beauty the first time I saw it. The day that I got it, I was looking for a red bag but realized that I also did not have a black bag. I thought that this bag can go with so many, it can look corporate as well and I just love that it's so sophisticated. Best part of it? The room it has that fits all my stuff!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Peasant Swirl.

Ok this day did not go as planned at all! I was supposed to wake up early for work...ah that didn't happen; no water heater; and this was not the outfit I had in mind the night before. I decided to go with this one though because I just love the flowiness of this maxi dress and the added vest I thought made this look more peasant-y. It's very casual, something you can certainly wear everyday. There's an easyness with this and I think that's why I chose it, I just really wanted a quick and easy outfit.

Without movement this outfit I thought was so visually interesting, with the way the vest fell on the dress and again, one of my tips before, cinching the waist with the right sized belt. Because all the components of this dress is very loose and it just falls, it's really good to just have partition to give your body the shape.

Favorite part of this outfit though is the shoes! I heart heart heart it! It's so comfy and the rich luggage color makes it look expensive and I only got it for $20!

Also this is one of the weirdest shoot my brother and I did (jrhaliliphotography.tumblr.com). I just kept twirling and twirling (haha) and my brother said I can twirl but make sure to control my face! lol..i just love him!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Block the Maxi.

I actually really love this pairing. I love the I have the neutrals, white and brown and totally splashed it with color. I do this a lot lately, I really am such a huge fan of color blocking although I did it quite in a subtle way with this number. 

I paired this maxi skirt with a white crossover dress. Yup! It is a dress! As I always say, stretch the bucks you spend on clothes, think outside the box! I thought just about how much I spent on this outfit shoes and all I believe it's less than $70. My blazer is a thrifted Donna Karan that I got for only $3.00! Belt is also thrifted for $5.00. I am such a huge fan of thrift stores and soon I'll do a post on one of my thrift store adventures.

Dress/Top: F21
Maxi skirt; F21
Shoes: Jessica Simpson


The title of this blog says it all! This outfit came about after putting several items together.
Dress + Top + Bib Necklace= A Whole Entire Wardrobe!

I was so surprised that people actually appreciated this experiment and how many questions I got whether this is just one dress or if my necklace is part of the dress. I guess when you're down in budget or just running out of clothes to wear, it's a great idea to just go to your closet and see what you have and make something out of it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Man of the Bell.

Casual Friday! What could be more casual than a button-down top and jeans!? I love how comfortable and stress-free this outfit is! From the airy top to the natural wave of the hair and the comfortable wedges, it's perfect for day or night. This outfit is great if your a mom, great for a movie night, casual dinner with friends...the possibilities of jeans and a simple top is endless!

This outfit would not be so me if i did not add an accessory. I added here one of newest piece. I got  this necklace as a gift and I love it! I think it's so fab and so versatile.  This is the same necklace I wore on the day we did the shoot for the June Featured Reader. It updated my very plain outfit at the time because of the colors of the beads/balls and the gold hardware. <3

Matched this necklace with my everyday gold watch and couple of gold thin bangles and my charm bracelet as well.

Tip 1: This necklace can also be worn with your summer dresses. Colors such as the browns and the camou green can be worn with a tribal printed dress and a pair of gladiators.
Tip 2: This great top can be worn dressed down or even corporate. Matching this with a pencil skirt and maybe a blazer is great for the office. I, however, wore this top after work with denim shorts and with my oxfords.

Top: F21
Necklace and Charm bracelet: Nordstrom Rack
Watch: MK
Jeans: True Religion (I got on sale of course!)
Shoes: Ross

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Featured Reader of the Month: JUNE

Ok, so I've decided to do a Monthly Featured Reader. I think this is a great idea, giving the readers of this blog a chance to show off their own stuff. If you would like be featured for the upcoming months, send me pictures of yourself, captions of your pictures...maybe you got an idea or two from the my posts and you can mention that as well!

Now for the month of June, my featured reader is....my ever supportive Sister! She's super adorable, always claiming that she's not as fashionable or that she can't pull this off or pull that off, but who is she kiddin' I think she looks great!

My sister is our quiet fashionista. She would always go for the simplest fits and shall I say..hmmm....modest look. I love this look on her! It's crisp and sophisticated. My sister is wearing a thrifted bottom as well. Her shoes although not thrifted, it might as well be because she got it for $6 (she's my idol when it comes to bargain shopping).

Tip #1: I do this all the time and not everyone agrees but I think tucking in a loose top on whatever type of bottom--tight skirt, loose pants, etc. is a great way to cover up "the pouch."
Tip #2: Cinching your waist with a proper sized belt gives you an instant "Number 8" figure.
Tip # 3: If you are not so adventurous with colors and would like to stick with more neutrals, that's ok! Adding a subtle animal print is a great way to add extra to the ordinary!
Top: F21
Bottom: Thrifted
Shoes: Target
Bag: Balenciaga Part Time (in Anthracite)

Rock the Girly Role.

I have always thought of myself as a moody dresser. One day I'm all feminine, next day I'm dressed down, following day I'm edgy. This day, I went to kinda mixed the girl and the rock.
This dress is one of my girliest, the pleating in the bottom, the blush pink lace. I could go old-time with this and wear nude pumps, a nice clutch and maybe soft curly hair but I decided to go to the other way. Wore this with a black leather jacket and Suede gray booties. Again, textures! Putting several textures in one outfit just makes it so interesting and fun.
Dress: F21
Shoes: Shoedazzle.com

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lady Like.

It's a windy day in Philadelphia, hency the picture! All in all it was a great day to just feel feminine and girly and proper. I love love love this skirt, it is a thrift find (same skirt I wore on Happy Sunny Day post) and can be worn so many different ways. It gives off that vintage look. You can go either way with this item, modern and sexy or classic. Paired this cream color skirt with a bright hot pink halter top from F21 and nude Jessica Simpson platforms. I hope you guys enjoy this look as much I enjoyed shooting for it!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Took the sun in.

Ok, this day may look sunny but the forcast actually said it was going to rain! Well, I went against that forcast and decided to wear the color of the sun, BOLD Yellow! I just love the brightness of this top matched with the same brightness of my gorgeous turquoise necklace.

Decided to pair this top with a light wash boyfriend ripped jeans (super cheap from Marshalls! haha) and one of my favorite pair of heels, cut-out Steve Maddens (I got for $15). As much as all the textures and colors of this look don't match, I just love that it all pull together in one decent outfit!

Hair Up.

OK, first time my mom saw this picture, she guessed it right! I didnt have a chance to blow dry my hair and just had to put it up. Fortunately, the outfit I'm wearing matched with this sleek updo

I'm wearing a thrift-find blazer that I thought just made me look so sophisticated with a blank straight pant from F21 (rolled up at the bottom), basic white tee and a dark cherry red Nine West peep-toes. The color combination is simple and classic.

Happy Sunny Day.

Wearing an Urban Outfitters shirt dress (got it on sale) tucked into a thrift-find skirt (for $5! love it).

I actually do this a lot, make one piece of item work for me in several ways...a dress tucked into a skirt or a dress under a botton down shirt (will post of a sample soon). No one can usually tell anyway!

 Adding key accessories can give your look a whole new dimension, just like this necklace my aunt got me (from Nordstrom Rack), Thanks again Auntie! <3
In here I used the same dress, added a belt and some nice sandals and it's a whole different look!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My main man.

The man behind the lens is my baby brother who conveniently works with me as well so daily photoshoots is a norm.
I had always supported my brother's passion in photography. He started doing this just a few years back but looks as if he has been doing it all his life. He has a good eye in catching the rarest sometimes most special moments in what or whoever his subject(s) is/are...
has the magic and talent in turning them into something even more beautiful and memorable.
Follow his blog at jrhaliliphotography.tumblr.com

Nude Phase;).

It’s not what you think it is! (hehe) This day is all about nude, brown and black--neutrals! Starting with a ruffled top from F21, RAMPAGE bottoms and black pumps ($12 from ross).

Naughty-cal Stripes.

This F21 blazer is one of my favorites!Classic yet modern, it’s shape is flattering for any size or body type; matched with a F21 tank dress, camel wedges (i got for $15! yey another bargain!).


Posing here with my co-workers/family (weird huh?!). Coming in to work is never a hassle because I work with some familiar people. Here I’m pictured with my cousin, Carlo and older sister Jocelle.
With my sister Jocelle, always been simple and sophisticated with her style. Who could go wrong with the basics--white top, black pants, red belt. Vamped with a bib necklace and to die for Louboutins!

My grandmother was very fond of my outfit for this day (haha) The entire outfit including accessories cost me only a lil bit over $100! I must say that I felt luxe in it though. Chiffon top with a lace bottom and some vintage inspired heels. <3

Top: F21
Bottom: Target ;)
Accessories: F21
Shoes: Payless (from million years ago)
Bag: Urban Outfitters