Monday, September 26, 2011

All sorts of Cool.

Ah...Friday! Who does not love Fridays?! I loved this particular Friday because I get to watch my favorite baseball team, The Phillies after work with a free ticket from my boss:D I know what you're thinking...what in this outfit makes me a Phillies/baseball fan? Well, I had to still come to work and the I wasn't planning on spending all day in my Phillies gear.

This is my translation of a sporty/casual friday look. Heels?! I know not so casual but my grey Mossimo jeggings and my plain black shirt I thought made this look as dressed down as possible.

This is again my favorite jacket from J Crew with my favorite Leopard booties and honestly this looks a little busy with the different textures and prints but I never minded mixing these things together as long as a major part of my garment can neutralize these prints. I went simple with my accessories with a simple locket necklace from F21.

Here I am now with my full baseball fan gear! Let's play ball! (lol)

Check out my daily pics for some more phillies pics!

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