Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dancing and Flowy.

There was no inspiration whatsoever when I chose this outfit. It was a last minute decision but upon putting it on, I immediately felt like dancing. I think it's because of the flowiness of this skirt that I got from Walmart...whoa?!?! My adorable cousin who works with me went with it too, he danced with me! It was a fun day, fun outfit.
You would really be surprised on where good pieces can come from. It's a dead given that nice boutiques or the mall will have something for you, but when you go out to a walmart or target, I suggest that you look around because there will be one or two pieces there that might actually work with what you already have in the closet.

The high-waist on this skirt worked so well with the halter top I already have, got from F21. I certainly took advantage of that high-waist. My top is actually a long top that has beading in the bottom, better worn with pants or shorts for a night out but since I decided to wear it for the day, matching this with something more modest in the bottom made it work.
Tip: I have been doing this for years and it's such a great way to stretch your wardrobe and use several pieces in different ways. Tops that are much longer or would better work for night can be worn during the day with simpler details and if you're able to hide those beading or sequins the more dressed down it would look.
Top: F21
Skirt: Walmart
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Andrew Marc

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