Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Featured Reader of the Month: August

I missed July!:( I am so sorry that I was unable to post my July featured reader but with the summer plans it was very difficult for me to get my featured reader for a shoot.

For this month however, our featured reader is: Eira B.
I would have to say that Ms. Eira here and I are quite opposite when it comes to style but as much as I dress differently from her, I do adore her comfortable, casual looks. Biggest TIP to all is that fashion is what and who you are. It is never about what's on trend but whatever that makes you feel your best. Whether you're more for comfort or more for the edgy, maybe you're really into bohemian or vintage...what you wear is how you express yourself, so make sure that you do represent yourself in the best way possible.

Eira is the best example of "comfort without going lazy." I've heard so many that claims comfy = white shirt and baggy pants or sweats, but please don't do that to yourself. Specific clothes are meant for specific things.

It was a gloomy day and it just feels so good to just feel and look relaxed. In this number, Eira paired her "jeggings" with a loose black top and a striped cardigan...what took this outfit up a notch? Those amazing booties! This look screams COMFORT with effort! :)
She gets an A+ for her effort in making the simple pony look not so simple! Braids! Very nice detail!

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