Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's Inside My Bag.

Due to demands (only of my sister haha), I am doing a posting on what's inside my bag. Really my bag essentials never really change. The stuff pictured here are my everyday and everywhere handcarry. There are a couple of things that are not pictured like my lotion since I'm switching to a new one--Bath and Body Works in Sweet Pea scent, which I got just this weekend but haven't gotten the chance to place in my puse yet.
So pictured here is my newest fave purse and is currently my everyday bag because of how spacious it is and it is quite sturdy considering that it is a F21 bag. I love the colors, all neutrals and the style of it is very now, which only means that it will go with all outfits, whatever mood of clothing I'm feeling to wear.

So, here they are! I carry my sunglasses and eye glasses in one big container, just saves more room for me inside the purse, and I do need that room for the rest of the things in my bag. I carry (2) pouches, (1.5) wallets, (2) celphones, my planner and schedules for work.

What are the 2 wallets for?! I have no idea! haha, ok so first wallet, my big main one is where all credit cards and cash go. I have the separate coin purse/key ring where my debit card and some change for the quick runs at 7/11 or wawa, if I'm going to take some quick breaks at the office, I won't have to carry my entire purse when all I do need is my cash or card and keys.

Don't judge! I don't have two phones so I can be on FB and Twitter at the same time (although, I do sometimes use it that way) but it's because one is provided by my company for work. My poor blackberry is all scratched up but see, I have not given it up because I love it and I love the fact that I can type in it fast like my PC and not have to worry about wrong spelling because of the touchscreen (I have some bitterness with touch screen phones haha)

Now, we get down to business. The girly items, very important things that I never ever leave the house without. My Kikay Kit that has my Mac Blot Powder (I have super oily skin and needs to constantly powder my nose throughout the day), Lancome Bronzer that I use as my blush, Lorac Concealer, 3 Shades of Lipstick (Loreal in Fairest Nude, Mac in Touch and Mac Extended Play). I can never make-up my mind on what lip color I want for the day so I just carry all three and the color I choose will depend on what shade my shadow is. I also carry my fave perfume, gifted by my sister, Chanel Chance and my hair-go-to item, Hairpins.
I also have an emergency kit. In here I carry my Tide-to-go (best item ever invented for clumsy people like me!), Neosporin (again because I'm clumsy) and Bandaid, Aleve, Pens, Chapstick, Floss, very important to carry is my sanitizer, Nail Cutter and I never leave the house without my Rosary.
I used to be a pouch addict and would carry about 5-7bags inside my bag but it came to a point where I get so paranoid when I leave one of the pouches, thinking that I will need scissors or the extra underwear that I carry (hahaha), I had to get over it and stop carrying all those items and will have to make do with these few useful things. What I do now is I have an emergency pouch in the places where I go to the most like at work or if you drive, put one in the car as well. Put all the feminine necessary items in there, a little sewing kit, scissors and other hair items and when the time comes that you will be needing it, you can easily run to your desk or your car to get them. By doing this, your bag will be at least 3lbs lighter! Stick the essentials...

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