Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Blow Out Sale.

For this particular posting I will not be talking about outfits (what a surprise!) but will be discussing my first Summer Blow out Sale (I made it fancy, but it's just a yard sale). This weekend, my sisters and I had a sale of our things, and although yard sales are more of items for the house or other equipments, we stuck to selling only the girliest of things: Shoes, Clothing, Bags and Accessories. I am happy to say that it was a great success! So this particular posting is for all the IMPULSE BUYERS, note to all of is so good to be IMPULSE SELLERS as well!

There are certain stores now such as Plato's Closet that will buy your items and you can bring your stuff to stores as such but the only thing I have against it though, which will totally sound selfish is that they pay the same amount of money that you will make if you sell your own items but they will be selling it for much more after. They will buy your Juicy top for $5 and then maybe sell it for $10, I think you'd rather just sell it directly to those who want them and help them get a bargain.

This idea came to me because of two things. First, I badly needed to empty out my closet and second of all, if I'm going to empty my closet that only means that I will be replenishing its contents as well and I badly needed the budget! So what better way to do that than a sale. Here are some helpful tips on how your sale can be a success:

1. Be Realistic. If you are going to do this, do not expect that you will be earning $$$. Expect you will be earning but just don't expect that it can buy you a new LV or Gucci bag;) Also, be realistic as far as what you are trying to sell. If it's worn down or very out of trend, basically if you are not going to wear it don't sell it. You want to be able to do sales talk to your costumers and you will sound more believable if you actually like the item.
2. Presentation Presentation Presentation.  Creativeness doesn't necessarily mean, putting up a bunch of decorations in your home, but  if you are able to afford or you already have a tent/canopy at home, that's a great way to make your sale look less like a yard sale and more of an actual sale. Hang your clothes in clothing racks, by color and by length. It does not need to be fancy but organization will be so useful to your shoppers. I even created my own price tag.
Another way to present your sale is by using all sorts of technology and communication. Prepare an Event invite at facebook or use Craig's list to post your event at. The more words you get out the higher your success rate will be. If you have time to make flyers, then you should. Drop them off around your neighborhood or post them at a starbucks bulletin.

3. Prices. Pricing of your items is so important. You can mention this as well on your invites that you will be selling items in a certain amount of dollars and make sure you mention that if you are selling items that are designers, it's a great bait to say that you are selling them in big discounted prices.
When pricing your items, it is so much better to just really sell them in the lowest price possible. On a yard sale, you don't really expect that a buyer will buy a dress for $15 with an excuse that you only wore it once. For example, I sold my forever 21 dresses/tops from $1-$5 maximum even though i got all of them at least $15 and higher and only wore them once. Remember again that your main purpose for doing this is to get rid of your items and not solely to just earn. If you over price an item, most likely people will pass on it. Another great example, my Lamb bag that retails for $485, I sold for $40 (it is used and it's from the first collection of Lamb), there's no way someone will get it for even %50 off.

4. Don't feel bad. The key to this is don't ever feel bad for losing your stuff and for selling them cheap. Those clothes or shoes or bags have no use being stuck in your closet anyway and giving it away is a very good option as well but if you can get a dollar or two for your stuff you might just be surprised with how much you can end up getting.
5. Do not hesitate. By this I mean, do not hesitate with the things you are going to let go and sell. Sell every little thing that you know you haven't used and you know is just in your closet because it was either expensive or it was just cute. Let somebody else enjoy your finds, it's will still have more of those anyways!

I hope these tips will help you guys, happy selling!
(Happy Ending to this story: by selling my used clothes and used shoes I was able to make more than $300 for that one day! This is definitely worth trying)

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