Thursday, August 11, 2011

Capture the Animal.

So, this weekend we threw a bachelorette day for one of my girlfriends and we had a huge day planned: Brunch (great place to try, Garces Trading Co. $25 fixed brunch menu), mani and pedi and of course would we miss shopping? Of course not! I posted on FB that we were in Zara and they had a huge sale and if I was alone there I would have probably made a huge damage but I had to think of my girlfriends who will be waiting for me to finish haha..
I settled to buy 1 item, and it turned out to be this leopard print dress/top. It was $30 and it can be worn as either a top or a dress. For this particular day at the office, I decided to wear it as a top and cinch the waist with a thicker belt, I got so many skinny comments and I just fell more in love with this item! :D

I suggest that if you are going out for a dinner or some other night out plans then wear this as a dress because it goes up a couple of inches above the knee. If you would like to wear this on a weekend, say shopping again or any day activity, I would wear this with denim shorts tucked it in and it becomes a top again...ah....possibilities!

I kept my look simple, very straight and went with one color scheme for the office, I thought it looked very sophisticated, but if you're wearing this else where don't be afraid to add color, whether be it on your bag or your jewelry or shoes.

Thinking of going back to Zara, anyone care to join me?!

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  1. I'll join you! Telle me when! ~ Ate Jocelle