Friday, August 19, 2011

The Big Red.

I think this week my head was as confused as the weather. It'll rain in the morning, sunny in the afternoon and thunderstorms in the evening; one day it's cloudy and cold then the next day it's sunny and humid. It was a challenge picking what to go outside of the house on. However, just like anything in life, you learn to adjust, you tweak what you can and just try to get by for the rest of the day.

For this particular ensemble, I went with my newest find, the red jeans! I have been looking for quality red pants for sometime now because I read in a magazine, that this color jean can always stay in your closet for whatever weather and will remain on trend, so I thought to myself that I just got to have this if it is a staple. I saw one at Zara that were a good pair as well but it was the baggy style, similar to a harem but in denim, I passed on it (although, it would've been a good buy because it was only $15!). On my latest visit at where else, F21, I came across this beauty (and a couple other beauties as well hehe) and fell for it right away. The red is as bright as I wanted it to be and it has cute zipper detailing on the bottom, and looked like denim but felt more like a legging because it was stretched.

This is such a comfortable outfit. I mentioned tweaking, and this is how I did it--added on a blazer! This fabulous blazer is thrifted, maybe around $3. It is light yellow with with navy panels and it was just adorable. I am doing color blocking here again, one of my favorite new trends because I never really liked to match anyway. Inside, I wore a basic black loose tee and when it got hot later this day, took the blazer off and because I added the necklace and the brown belt, the outfit did not look plain at all.

As mentioned, I found a few goodies at F21 and one of them is this great bag. I have to be honest, I was never a fan of shoes or bags from F21 because the make of it is not into my liking, but this particular bag was $35 and the faux leather was thick enough from the body of the bag to the handle and it also has old gold hardware. I was choosing between this and a pair of wedge booties with the same price and chose this one.

Accessories from F21 as well!:)

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