Friday, July 29, 2011

White and Ripped.

If there is a frequent shopper card at Target I definitely deserve one because it is a must that every week, at least once that I stop by there to grab a few things--dog items, home needs, etc. One particular occasion however, I came in to buy dog food and I got more than planned.
I found this particular white ripped shorts that as I tried on I knew I was in love with it and just to prove that upon checking out I immediately changed in the bathroom to wear it. Who does that?!
Anywho, I prepared three fun pairings for this item although the possibilities of it is endless.

Look #1:
This is such a dress up look and given the chance I would totally put my hair up in a messy bun and some gold hoops and I'm ready for some fancy dinner out in the city. I am wearing a $2 thrifted leopard top that I wore here as a cardigan; matched this with an old corset-type black top with my Steve Madden (from Ross) cutout heels. My clutch is thrifted as well for $3.Just to give it a pop of color, wore a red belt!

Look #2:
This look I would wear more for day, or a simple dinner out or even a movie date. This is an embellished H&M top that I love so much because it is loose, and I am very much into that at this time. Tell me you don't love the 20's feel of the shoulder detail!?
Decided to put this together with Tory Reva flats and a chunky bracelet and watch.

Look #3:
This is our ultra-casual, comfy look. If you remember from my last posting, this is the stripe cut-out top that is also loose. I went for contrast here, matching this top and shorts with red accessories (shoes and necklace) and I would half-tuck this top to show off my brown skinny belt, and to top it, a vintage thrifted Liz Claiborne ($3) body bag.

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