Friday, July 29, 2011

Striped and Tucked.

Pants on a hot day? Not a bad idea! I had a vague idea on what the weather is for the day, which is so typical me because I dress by mood and never by weather and I usually end up wearing the outfit. This number is not as big of an error as I thought though because although I'm all covered up, both top and bottom are soft and thin cotton and air is more able to pass through my clothing.
That's another great Tip!
Tip: If you are in a mood to be covered up on a hot summer day, go for items that are light in fabric, light in color. It makes a whole lot of difference wearing a tan or cream to black. I think mainly when you see yourself in cooler tones, your sight brings the same idea to your brain, that you are cooler and lighter!
Cutouts are also big lately, I've seen denim button-downs that have the same shoulder cutouts (urban outfitters) and they are all so adorable. I love how these cutouts give you an instant broad and skinny shoulders which frames your body very well. I suggest you try it out but I also suggest that you stir away from any embelishments on the shoulder such as belt types or rhine stones that could sometimes look tacky instead of stylish.
Accessorizing was fun for me as well on this outfit. I went for more vintage looking pieces and that's me proving that I am never for just one style and likes to mix and match everything. All accessories are from F21. I am specially loving my Cross pendant from the colors of the ruby and jade to the total look of it. Interestingly, I purchased this item for my Madonna costume for halloween!
Blog will be updated soon, I will be posting more items and will be talking more details and outfit ideas for some items! :D

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