Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Going tribal.

My casual day came early and I decided to wear this on a Thursday. I did because I was just so excited to wear this top! I love the appeal, shape and print of it, if you look at it close enough you will see that there's an inferred print of a skull in there...I thought rock when I saw it, others did not however.

Hence the title of this post is going tribal because a lot more people thought that this top has more of an ethnic look to it. I guess the necklace also gave that feel. Focusing more on the necklace, I cannot believe how many compliments I get on this necklace every time I wear it. It is such a statement piece. So shout out to my sister who's going home to the Philippines soon...please do get me a couple more of this! ;)
It is quite odd that my blog is called the work diary but this is the first picture I have inside the office. Quick info, that's my desk with my favorite 7/11 coffee (haha) and my Longchamp bag that I used as my beach bag turned work bag, don't you just love the pliability!?
Bottoms are Jeggings! I went through a jegging phase just like everybody else but this one is my favorite and pretty much the only one I'm still wearing. It has real pockets in the back, which I think makes it seem more like an actual pair of Jeans, the only difference is it's stretchy and comfortable and I dont have to worry about it being too tight if I eat too much!
Top: Material Girl (Macy's Junior's Dept, $22)
Bottoms: Mossimo (Target, on sale for $10)
Shoes: Ross ($12)
Necklace: Free!
This look's total: $44

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