Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's do the Thrift.

 This past weekend I had the strongest urge to shop and since I am in such a tight budget I went to the thrift store. My first time in a thrift store was with my mom and we both went there looking for some used pillow cases and comforters we use as beds for our 3 adorable dogs. I didn't even take a glance at any of the clothes or bags that were there and thought to myself that it's just not possible for me to get something nearly decent in racks full of old, used clothes. Well...I take that back, big time! A friend of mine and after reading through different blogs made me reached to a decision to venture those racks. 
See the key in thrift store shopping is "patience." You actually have to go through each piece of clothing, and let me tell you that it's not easy because they are arranged by colors and by length of sleeves or length of the pant or skirt, but you have to go through that to actually find one that stands out. I've found great things in the thrift store, from accessories to bags to pants to blazers, etc. It's also a great place to go to get vintage items.

I have to say that I am more of a mixture of different styles, I have always thought of myself as a moody dresser. I'll mix a vintage looking skirt or top or blazer with something more current, or something rock/punk to something more elegant and feminine.

Here are some of my recent thrift finds.

This Banana Republic skirt was $10, and that's a little on the high side but I thought of getting it anyway because it is in such a good condition and almost looked new. This skirt also has the tiny polka dot print and it came with the band stitched on it.
Tip: Make sure you check the insides of any clothing, check for stains, tears or loose threads.

Item #2, is another skirt that I already made a posting for. Great looking skirt, you wouldn't guess just by looking at this that it's only $5 because of the feel of the cloth, its silky and smooth and did not at all look like it has been worn but checking on the tag it looked like it's very old.
Item #3 is another skirt, $3! I was there for 30minutes and I pretty much stayed in the skirt racks obviously. This is probably my second favorite find. Again, for work, I really am to pleating. I just love how it hides certain areas of the body that you really wouldn't want showing; I love the classic look it gives; I love the elegance . It's a beige/cream color and I am already planning a cold weather outfit from this skirt because the fabric is very thick almost like wool.
Item #4, is a $2 top which looks big, I know and it is a size 10 petite but that's another tip in thrifting, sizes are not always as big or as small as the item would say. Go by approximate as far as sizing. This top also came with pads attached to it, some people like to keep it but others don't and I, cut the pads off very easily, no fuss!
Tip: Be a creative thinker when it comes to looking at certain items. Remember that if tops are big, you can always tuck it in because that's in style right now anyway.
You have to be prepared to dry clean things, you can do an in house dry cleaning if you have the Dryel, you can purchase this at target or walmart and saves you the trip to the cleaners.
Again, have a keen eye! Look at every stain, every tear and every hem. Even if you're paying $2 or $3 for your item, you still want it to be wearable.
I hope you guys enjoy your next thrift adventure!

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