Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Summer Fun!

I know it's been a while since I last blogged (So sorry guys!). Work has been hectic and has exhausted me this past couple of weeks. This family vacation just came in at such a perfect time! I am so truly blessed to be in such a close knit family and am so proud to say that I have lots of fun when I'm with them. This year we have decided to go to Ocean City, Maryland (OCMD) and we had a blast!
An essential for a beach trip? Sunnies of course! I just love my Ray Ban Aviators, they are pretty much the only sunglasses I'd like to bring to the beach. It is so convenient, not heavy at all, it can bend and I don't mind it getting wet, but really, I just think it's so cool and would go with any suit I'm wearing.
Cell phone: Well I had to just to carry this because unfortunately, I was still on-call during the vaca
Drink: Raspberry Margarita...soo delish and refreshing!

Ok so, I am not the most modest dresser going to beach, but I feel that comfort can come in so many ways other than a dress. For this trip, I decided to wear a sheer floral top. I am actually wearing a bikini top (that I didn't wear at the beach haha) under this top. I paired this with denim shorts and my most comfy wedge. This is great specially if you have stops during the trip, whether you decide to do some outlet shopping or lunching out at Hardees?! ;)
Beach Bag: Orange Longchamp
Top: F21
Denim Shorts: Walmart (bargain!)

Now the real fun begins! Planning for this trip was not a big one for me, my sisters did most of it and the only planning I had to do is fining a good cover up. I think that your look in the beach now actually matters unlike before shirt and shorts are all you need. Cover ups are everywhere (urban outfitters have some good ones) but I found this one at where else?! Forever 21. I don't really think this is a cover-up but when I saw it, I thought it would just be perfect. It is thin enough to show my suit inside and long enough to be a dress type as well, cutest detail on this dress thought are the cutouts at the sleeves (unfortunately, it didn't get showcased in this picture).
Tip: Accessorizing at the Beach- there's nothing wrong in wearing some accessories at the beach. To keep your look more interesting and beach appropriate, I would suggest wooden bangles and even wooden or shell necklaces. With these, you wouldn't mind it getting wet and just in case it gets lost in the water haha.
Earrings is a big challenge for me, I would just always go for something that's light weight, play around with colors, I went for a turquoise color on my trip, I just think it stands out and always make sure the earrings you do wear has a lock so that it won't just fly off of your ear when you're running or swimming.
Let's talk bathing suits. There are so many different ones out there now, I chose to go with a monokini as I am not the most fit person in the world hehe, but I like that it hides the "pouch" that I love covering up so much but it show's off the good curves of your body. I feel that it gives the illusion of the hour-glass shape we all want. I went bold this time with an animal print, Leopard! I also included a picture of a dear friend and brother's girlfriend, Heather. She is on a bandeau top and a plain black bottom. The great thing about going for plain(s) is that you can mix and match it. That's another bargain tip! If you want to have several looks in the beach without spending so much, choose a plain bottom and just buy the tops!
Thanks for reading guys!

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