Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bright, The Light and The Leather.

More than the clothes, I was more excited with the Shoes! It is the newest in my shoe collection delivered just today! It is a shoedazzle.com product. For those who are curious, there are quite a handful of shoe membership sites available now, which if I may say has both pros and cons to it. It's, to sum it up, a monthly supply of shoes. You pay a membership fee (I pay $40) and get a show room of shoes that best matched your answers on a style survey they do at the beginning of your membership, you choose from that and they deliver. I like it because of how convenient it is. I am, like so many, a major shoe lover and would like to get a pair or two at a month (sometimes more) but sometimes do not find the time to look around the mall or maybe I just cannot find a pair that I like or can afford at a store and online shopping just solves that problem for me... 

However, I am a big bargain finder and this does not give you any option of doing just that. Another thing is I am not a huge fan of online shopping, which I think makes me 5 out of a million. I enjoy going store to store, trying on things and going home with shopping bags and when I've paid for my item I would like to have it at hand.
I am wearing F21 dress I got for a baptism but later realized that this cute, feminine cream dress could be so much more. It wouldn't be fair to just keep it for an occasion and I have since then, worn this dress at least 5 or 6 different ways.
With the look above I paired it with my thrift-find Donna Karan blazer and a simple long gold necklace.

                                   Also wore this dress with a black vest and Steve Madden heels I got for a steal! On sale at Ross for $15! Necklace is from F21 as well and I love it, my mom loves it too as she borrows this necklace from me all the time. That broach detail in the middle gives it a vintage look.
Outfit 1:
Dress: $24.98 (F21)
Shoes: $40 (shoedazzle)
Blazer: $5 (Thrifted)
This look's total: $70.00
Outfit 2:
Shoes: $15 (Steve Madden)
Necklace: $9
Vest: $22
Look's total: $86

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