Tuesday, June 28, 2011

String of Pearls.

I love the feminity of this outfit; the cleanliness of the colors. This is such an old dress I have, I got on sale at Loehman's, it was such a smart buy. My sister borrowed this dress for one of our night outs, I wore this dress on a nice lunch out while I was in Miami, for $8, you can't go wrong! I know a few people that considers evening with dark colors, I don't necessarily agree because I think amongst all that dark colors, if you are wearing something lighter it will make you stand out in the crowd better.
Paired this dress with a much older vest, I think it is the first one I got when vests made a come back. It's in a stretchy fabric and had some pleating in the back that gave it a shape. I love it, wear this with a white shirt or a tank and once buttoned, it gives you an amazing shape...
Tip: If you are curvy just like me or even when you are not as heavy but has more of a straighter body shape, it is so important that you buy clothes that have the shape in it already. Check the curves of the item. A lot of items now havee the stitching, the pleating, the rushing that works perfectly to hide certain areas of your body.
I paired this outfit with a pearl necklace. It is as delicate and as feminine, what could be more sophisticated that a pearl necklace right?

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