Saturday, June 25, 2011

Peasant Swirl.

Ok this day did not go as planned at all! I was supposed to wake up early for work...ah that didn't happen; no water heater; and this was not the outfit I had in mind the night before. I decided to go with this one though because I just love the flowiness of this maxi dress and the added vest I thought made this look more peasant-y. It's very casual, something you can certainly wear everyday. There's an easyness with this and I think that's why I chose it, I just really wanted a quick and easy outfit.

Without movement this outfit I thought was so visually interesting, with the way the vest fell on the dress and again, one of my tips before, cinching the waist with the right sized belt. Because all the components of this dress is very loose and it just falls, it's really good to just have partition to give your body the shape.

Favorite part of this outfit though is the shoes! I heart heart heart it! It's so comfy and the rich luggage color makes it look expensive and I only got it for $20!

Also this is one of the weirdest shoot my brother and I did ( I just kept twirling and twirling (haha) and my brother said I can twirl but make sure to control my face! lol..i just love him!

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