Monday, June 27, 2011

Anchor's Away.

It was a beautiful Sunday and I was invited on a Sunday BBQ. All this weekend however, I stayed home and although I was just going to a small party, I still went for a more dress-up outfit. This is such a cute outfit mainly because of the adorable high-waisted shorts. You can play around with this shorts so much.
You can wear it in a more "pin-up" out fit maybe with some polka dot halter top and red lipstick with pumps (so cute!) or wear this with a plain white shirt. Again, I buy a lot of pieces that you can wear with a lot of things, all you need is some imagination:)

Tip: Do not be afraid to dress up! Dress up is so fun not only for kids but also for adults! You cannot believe how good it will make you feel in the inside. I say take the extra effort and wear something that you really like and something that makes you feel beautiful.

Just look at this yellow buttons anchor buttons! So cute!

I do have to confess that although I am a big, in fact huge saver when it comes to clothes, there are some things that I do splurge on and one of them would be bags. Just like the many out there, I spend and bursts my bank account because of a bag. Anyhow, I paired this outfit with my Prada Saffiano Lux Tote. I fell in love with this beauty the first time I saw it. The day that I got it, I was looking for a red bag but realized that I also did not have a black bag. I thought that this bag can go with so many, it can look corporate as well and I just love that it's so sophisticated. Best part of it? The room it has that fits all my stuff!

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