Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Floral with Black Sheen.

Hello everyone! Another work week about to end and I'm really just craving for the weekend. Well, just a quick update, construction at work is done but now I'm twice as busy because I'm preparing for our open house and we've invited some important people (at least in my line of work they are). So wish me luck as I am officially putting all of it together and they gave me less than two weeks to do so!:S

For my look today, I decided to mix in the soft with the not so soft, spring with something not so spring-y. I actually got this adorable vintage top at my favorite thrift store for $2! I'm contemplating on doing a challenge on this top and wear it 12 different ways. I guess for my first attempt, here is Thrifted Floral Look 1.
What actually drew me from this top is that vintage looking button. For once as well, I actually did not remove the pads on this top because I really thought it worked, it didn't made the top look so "old." If did do something with this top, it's that I folded the sleeve but other than that I thought this top is just quite perfect!

Thank you all for reading!:D

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