Monday, May 14, 2012

Soft Pink for Mother's Day.

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all Moms! I hope everyone had a great weekend, I certainly did! I'd just like to give a quick ode to the mothers in my life being that it was just mother's day. There's really something about having a big family and it's really extra something when you're as big as ours but still able to maintain the closeness.  I think our closeness are brought upon by the amazing mothers in our family who make effort to bring all of us together.

My grandmother, my mom and my aunt really make sure that we have fun together, that all cousins are able to bond whether it's by having movie days or game nights (watching baseball or basketball) or the recent obssession of the family to bingo. That trait of keeping the family close also got passed on to the next generation moms of our family, my sisters who also make it a point to bring our little nephews and get them acquainted with all the aunts and uncles.

Let me just say how blessed I am for having a mom like mine. She has been more than patient with me as I have not been the most behaved daughter, I've made plenty of mistakes, made of plenty wrong decisions and have gone through a million mishaps but she's there, always been there supporting me and reminding me how proud she is of me. I really couldn't ask for a better role model and I just love her very much. I for one, was not a such a good daughter this year, I bought her the only gift I can give which is a card and that accidentally got thrown in the trash. I'm so sorry mom! Love you though! (haha)

In celebration to Mom's day, OOTD is the ultimate chic, feminine wear-- pink lace and chiffon dress. This is actually an old dress I got from forever21 and I have worn this so many times, at work, at church, at lunch, it's truly a versatile dress. The dress will be great in pairings--with a leather jacket for contrast of textures; wear this with a cardigan and some nice flats for spring; it will be great with tights and blazer for the colder weather. For this look however, I decided to wear at it's simplest form. I wanted to showcase and scream woman today.

Pairing it with nude pumps I thought added extra chicness to the look and my mint green nails went with the pastel color theme too!

My gold necklaces were actually thrift finds, vintage of course and that's the only contrast in this look. I still wawnted to keep some edge with metal and chains.

Pictured here with my beautiful and sexy young cousin, Caroline:)

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