Friday, May 25, 2012

Dotted. (Tribute to My Mama Vick, She's 85 Today!)

Yey, it's the weekend! Happy warm Friday everyone! Today is not just another Friday, it is Friday, 85th Birthday of my dearest grandmother, my Mama Vick! Happy Birthday! I think that if you go down our family's generation, you will clearly see who I get my fondness in fashion from, you really will! You will see it's from my ultrahip grandmother who at 85 can carry Jeggings, Maxi Dresses, colorful accessories, mixing of patterns and at 85 has more designer stuff than I do. At 85, my mama Vick is the coolest grandmother for owning both the kindle fire and Ipad (which she only uses for bingo hehe but it's just as cool that she can work it), which sadly, I don't have either one of those lol!

Mama, happy happy 85th birthday! I could not be any more thankful that God has kept you healthy and I will continue to pray that He keeps you healthy and as exciting and as hip as you are now for many more years. You have been a wonderful role model, a great listener to us your grandchildren, a wise adviser, you have been an amazing grandmother, you are the brightest and strongest light of our family. Always remember that we love you, i love you very much and I'm so looking forward to many more years with you by myside telling me if I'm dressing right, I'm gaining weight and most importantly...telling me how much you love me (at least in your own way)!

Polka dots! Can you think of a more adorable print. These dots are so irresistable, whether is in your accessories, or a top or bottom or in this case on a mustard mini dress!

I had always been a huge fan of color blocking and I don't think I will ever get out of that phase. With my mustard dress I opted to match it with my royal blue maryjanes, one of my faves! My gold belt here is actually accentuated with a suede magenta strap and thats why I thought my necklace will be so great with it coz it will pick up the pink on the belt. Unfortunately since I am wearing this at work, I had to wear it with a blazer, just a simple black cropped blazer.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Dress: Tjmaxx (Similar Click Here); Blazer: Forever21 (Old); Necklace: Forever21 (Similar Click Here); Shoes: Vince Camuto (Similar, on sale right now! Click Here)


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