Monday, May 21, 2012

Something Blue, Something Old and Something Leather?

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, mine was busy. I was everywhere this weekend, Philadelphia, Maryland but all is well, I had a great time. Beginning of another busy week, Saturday will be my grandmom's birthday turning 84 (I believe) and I have that party to plan this week. For sometime now I have been the official party planner both at work and at home, it's another hobby of mine and another way of exercising my creativity. I'll be posting some pics from that soon, hopefully I can update you guys my process of the party planning!

One of my favorite things to do is not only mixing colors but also mixing textures. It is such an understated detail in an outfit and not all will put attention to it while putting together a look. However, the subtle changes in textures can make a huge difference in a look so I will definitely recomment paying more attention to that (specially to those who are not big on prints, like my sister, Jocelle who I featured in the blog once).

In this case I'm wearing several textures-- Silk ruffled top, Chiffon Pants and Faux Leather Jacket, and from my accessories, two metal chains. It's mixing soft with glossy and the rough and tough from the leather and the hardness and coldness of the metal. Colors also played well in this outfit, two neutrals and a big splash of electric blue. I would have to say that this is going to be on my list of top looks!

Bottom, Asos (still available at the site for $20.87; Top, Forever21, old (similar click here); Faux Leather Jacket, Forever21; Shoes, Jessica Simpson; Necklaces, vintage

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