Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All Thrifted Out.

Hello everyone! There's so much going on at work right now, we are in the process of moving offices and so, probably no work outfits for the next few days because we're asked to wear jeans and shirt at work so we can help move and because of the construction.

I think that I cannot mention enough how much I love thrifting! Afterall, my main purpose in starting this blog is showing that you can be as stylish and while still spending less! This is a great example of that--a classic work outfit, vintage inspired with a twist of some modern pieces.

It is really amazing how much treasure you can find in thrift/consignment stores. My top, Skirt, Belt and Necklaces are all thrifted, best of all, my vintage Chanel Flap is thrifted too (well, from a consigment store)!

 This adorable gold belt that screams vintage cost me $4! Amazingly, the belt actually cost more than my top and skirt, which are both $3!

My newest favorite, the newest baby is my Lambskin Chanel flap that I used here as a clutch. If you browse around for this style (authentic of course), for one that is in excellent condition (meaning, almost good as new, no signs of wear and tear, not a single scratch) it will cost about $1600. For this one, I shelled out $400. A big steal right!? Now, naturally it costs less because it has it's flaws, some noticeable, some not. This particular bag has creases because of usage, the corners inside has some fading but my thought on this though is that, is still Chanel! The skin is still clean and I like the old, used look of it, it is vintage isn't it?! I appreciate the character it has. One thing for sure, one other fabulous person used this before me!

My chain necklaces are also vintage and cost more than my skirt, belt and top but again, this one is in excellent condition, the gold has no fading, $20 for the two.

Thank you guys for reading and if you want to know more about what the things I got here or where I got them from (if you're from the Philly, Jersey area) just send me a message!

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