Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Work Stuff.

Hello everyone! Middle of the week! The long weekend is upon us all!
 Last Friday we had an open house here at work and we celebrated Nurse's and Aide's week and it was such a great atmosphere at work, a wonderful chance for all the employees to bond and interact.

For the open house the company asked us to come in looking "professional" instead of the casual friday look. I'm not very much into corporate looks and our office doesnt really require to be in corporate attire at all times, business casual is more of the standard here, so for our opening, I've decided to wear my favorite pencil skirt with a new white top (a huge steal from Marshalls) and a thrifted blazer.

I wasn't sure if this was blog worthy, it was simple, no bold colors, not a lot of details but the more I thought about it, the more that I loved this outfit. There's something so attractive about clean lines and neutral colors. With the blazer off, a bright clutch, this outfit will be great for dinner out, in a restaurant in the city, sipping wine and chatting with friends.

This ribbons are part of my little project for the open house. They are so adorable and the nurses really appreciated the thought. Something so simple can mean so much...

It's really great having 2 of my bestgals working with me! I get to see and chitchat with them everyday, don't tell our boss! haha

My handsome brother looking so professional that day (lol), he's too cute!

Top: Marshalls (steal for $7!); Skirt: H&M (click here); Blazer: Thrifted Banana Republic (Similiar, Click Here)

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