Thursday, April 5, 2012

And I'm Back.

Oh my my, it feels like forever since I last blogged and I missed it a whole lot. It has been a hectic past few months, so many amazing and exciting changes in my life and a few other things that hold off my blogging. Let me start by sharing what I have been upto this past few has something to do with "tying the knot." Yup! I did!:D That really took a lot of my time, preparing for that wonderful moment and so I decided to take time off of blogging to enjoy the experience of planning and the first few weeks of being a Mrs.

I'm a little rusty and having been so busy, I haven't been keeping up with the trends but I did attempt to keep up with my most favorite thing to do--thrift shopping! In my most recent thrift hopping, I was able to get this luxurious skirt, a luxury that did not cost me a fortune, a huge bargain for $4--genuine leather skirt.

I had been on a hunt for leather skirt for sometime now and I really wanted the genuine leather look so I did not opt to get the ones from the department stores. Luckily, I found this treasure and I love every bit of it! It is in this deep red color in a pencil shape with the zipper detail on the side.

Showing off some leg! I paired this skirt with a simple silk button down shirt from H&M (also a bargain for $10!) and played up the look with some gold accessories.

 It feels really good to be back and like always, thank you all for reading!

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