Monday, April 16, 2012

Walking on Sunshine.

After my last post, I really took time to think and look for what can inspire me then this sping Friday came. The weather was cool, wind was crisp but the sun is high and bright and who wouldn't be inspired with such a beautiful day. I came to a conclusion that I will try my best to draw inspiration from the purest and simplest of things, from the things I already have in life and not the ones I wish I can be or I can have. Well, this beautiful day was mine and that's this outfit's inspiration.

This classic white tee and denim look is such a go-to look for me, probably for anyone. It's comfortable, it's casual, and with a few tweaks and added details, this look could be one of your chic-est.

 So, when I said tweaks I meant my amazing pair of nude pumps. I truly wish I have the luxury to afford the dreamy Christian Louboutin but I don't, so I had to stick to something at least similar in color. I cannot complain because this gorgeous pair was a gift from my Aunt (thanks again Nay!) and they are maybe not as dreamy but just as sexy on the feet as the Louboutins:P

Few added details are my gold accessories that I wear so much and I just wanted to show off my new spring inspired nail color.

Thanks again for reading everyone!

**Forever21 Cardigan; Levi's Denim; Boutique 9 pumps; Nordstrom scarf**

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