Tuesday, April 10, 2012


After doing my most recent post, "And I'm Back" I thought that going back to blogging will be easy...I thought wrong. For the past couple of months that I have been off, I have to admit that I have been slacking, can you blame me? I focused on other things other than my own interest this time. I had to focus more on work; had to take care of some paperwork and small planning for my wedding; my Saturdays consisted of hubby's basketball games (you can't really wear a dress or a pair of cutesy heels at a basketball gym, right?!); my free time were mostly spent at home; biggest one of all...I had to start saving, which means NO (at least most of the time) to shopping! Can I also mention that upon planning to get back on fashion and blogging, I ended up sick for almost two weeks?! To make the story short, inspiration ran out.

I'm not complaining, my past few months had been my best ones but could that be the reason for this drought?! Maybe I got too comfortable and just lost my touch? It shouldn't be the lack of shopping right?! Or maybe I just haven't been catching up in my trend research?! White flag up!!! I don't know why I am in this pickle! It's as if I ran out of ideas, it's as if I ran out of things to say, it's as if I ran of new things to create, to mix up and to match. Well, hopefully I get, as my husband put it, my
"groove" back. Wish me luck everyone! Hopefully, I get my creative juice going sometime soon...

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