Thursday, February 2, 2012


Hello everyone! I hope you guys don't mind me sharing some of the excitement I have. There are so many changes coming my way and I am ecstatic and anxious at the same time for all of it. There are a couple of business ventures that I am cooking up at this time and I hope you all can check it out once it is up and running. I will be keeping you posted on every step of my way with these projects. I will go into more details once my plan is more concrete.

Let's talk about our OOTD. I'm sure to those who have seen my youtube vids (if you haven't checked them yet, please do, the link is at my home page), you will remember this electric blue pleated pants, it's a big favorite of mine and I cannot stop wearing it even if it's winter! In my defense, I paired this chiffon pant with a turtle neck, the only winter appropriate item in this look (haha). I just really couldn't resist (just how I could'nt resist my yummy key lime pie)! I love how tall it makes me look and the rich color it has, and when you think such pant couldn't possibly go with anything in your closet, you'd be surprised because it can match your simplest items and this will go well with prints too. I also thought that there's a certain class and chicness this pant brings.

Thank you all for reading and excuse my picture as this was taken by my silly brother while I was devouring a slice of key lime pie. If you haven't subscribe yet, please do, and whenever you get a chance, check out my page at (badge also located in my home page) and my youtube channel. <3

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