Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Christmas in April.

Hello everyone! Let me just start by sharing how much of a fan I am of sports and lately my teams here in Philadelphia has been, well... not so excellent and I'm so stumped that both baseball and basketball teams lost last night:( This is another side of me that not a lot of people would expect because for most, I'm all girl--shopping, pinks and flowers type of girl, but I do have some touch of "boy" in me. I'm the screaming, beer drinking, follows the standing online type of fan. I may not play the sport, but I certainly appreciate it. So calling to my dear Sixers and Phillies, leeeeeetttt'ssss gooooooo!!!!!

So, I actually purchased this dress for our family's red carpet themed Christmas Party way back in December. However, at the last minute, I changed my mind and opted to wear a black cutout long dress instead. Since then though, I literally have been counting the days til the weather gets better so that I can wear this. Then, it was 88deg. F on a Monday.

I couldn't stop myself, I was itching to wear it and I work! (lol) It's a party dress that I tried so very hard to make work appropriate. What better way to do that but by adding a blazer. I went with the lightest blazer I had and just shutout my husband's thought of "are you going to a party?!"

The color of this dress is just so appealing to me, it's perfect for spring and the details although most are hidden here, are amazing. Can you blame me for overdressing?!

Actual dress from asos, of course it looked better on the model than me;)

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