Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ruffle, Color and Pearls.

Hello everyone! I hope everybody had a great weekend! I certainly did! I spent this weekend with my girlfriends and bonded over shopping, dining and short partying at night. I just want to share how great it is to have such amazing girlfriends, not only are they fun to have around but they too influence my fashion sense, they offer a lending hand when I'm having a fashion emergency. This weekend, I did not prepare a nightout outfit thinking that I will be able to get and find what I would wear for the evening at our afternoon shopping trip, but sadly, I did not find the items I wanted. To the rescue of course are my girls who offered me a bunch of options from their own luggage and I was able to come up with an outfit! Love them! :D

Now let's go to my featured look, this is a chic end of the week look. Fridays are usually my dress up days instead of it being casual, possibly because of two reasons: 1, I am excited for the weekend and just inspired, and 2, because I usually go out with friends or family after the work day is over.
Again, my love for colors is showcased in this look. I paired my thrifted my blazer ($3) with my yet another bargain find at forever 21 pants (for $10.50!).

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