Sunday, October 16, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Leopard Print Top and Electric Blue Pleated Pants

Happy Sunday everyone! It was another time well spent with the family. The family went for a Sunday Lunch for my two sisters. I just love our outfit of the day, I thought that it was so attention grabbing because of the colors and prints. Our top is from Zara ($25) that I got yesterday and our bottoms was purchased by mom from ($17). I particularly love my pants here that mimics a skirt as well and I thought it made me look at least 5inches taller! Maybe that's just my shoes though?! I am wearing platforms by Jessica Simpson and it is so comfortable as high as it is.
I do apologize for the audio in this video as it was a windy day and that kind of interfered with our audio. I hope you guys enjoy this video and the rest of your weekend!

Sad news of the day? J. Crew did not have that good of a sale so I only ended up getting a necklace and ring.

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