Friday, October 7, 2011

Black, Lace and Race Back.

Every so often as I think about how I can update and make the blog better, I find myself challenging my fashion creativeness. The newest challenge is doing a new page strictly for the Young Professionals: How you can incorporate the trends in an office attire, you can update your corporate look. So for those young or even those who are not so young but are looking to update your corporate attires, please look out for my newest page.

For this posting, my inspiration is a text message I got from my coworker who excitedly shared to me about a style TV show that said "Monochromatic Looks are In." The next morning, I was staring at my closet for about 15minutes trying to formulate some kind of an outfit for another work day and it finally occurred to me that monochromatic looks are in! Ha! Took my black pants and paired it with another black thing, how easy was that?!

My top here is actually a vest (bargain find for $5!) and I totally love it for all the details it has. The ruffles towards the bottom and the lace at the back and even it's race back style. I paired it with a cropped F21 pants and some red details to break off the monochromatic look hence accentuating the waist.

*Wink* *Wink* This is a good look for my newest challenge! During the day at the office, I can wear this with a blazer or I can wear the vest with a sleeved shirt to a more appropriate work look.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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