Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Preppy With a Chance of Orange.

It's astonishing how fashion can evolve a person, I talk about this endlessly in my blog and hence the word "endlessly" it will always come out of me. If you go through my previous postings, you will probably notice that I do not carry a single style, I'm conservative one day and bold the next; It's all short and young one day and grown up the other. For this particular rather cooperative winter day (it was not as cold) I decided I will do preppy! How adorable is this look?! Don't I look like I'm just about to start spring classes?! haha

Speaking of spring classes, it is about to start and this might just be a great first day back to school outfit! For those college students, I must say this is one affordable look too. I got this precious jacket in this popping color of orange at H&M and the gold buttons make this even more charming--$15! You can't go wrong!

What better way to stay warm than layers and as we peel on these layers you will find my knit sweater I got also from Nordstrom rack for whopping $6! Underneath is just a pinstriped button-down shirt from Forever21. My sexy version of Mary Janes are $30 from Traffic.

Thanks for reading everyone! Please take note of all the places I went to for these items, they have some great sales still going on now!

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